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City of Ramona
Council Minutes
January 13, 2013
Ramona City Hall

Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth

Council Present: AJ Svoboda, Art Stroda, Jayme Brunner, Billy Alcorn, Jim Thompson

Staff present: Jessica Gilbert, Kathy Matkins, Dave Staatz

Others in attendance: Rohani Alcorn, C.J. Thompson, Cassy Thompson,  Rachel Mealor

The meeting was called to order by the mayor at 7:00pm

The City Clerk read December meeting minutes.

Motion:  Art Stroda moved to approve the December 2012 minutes. Jayme Brunner seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Kathy Matkins read the Treasurer’s report and presented the bills for payment.

Motion: Billy Alcorn moved to accept the treasurer’s report as read; motion seconded by Art Stroda, and passed unanimously.

Swearing Ceremony
James Edward Thompson was sworn in as city councilman to fill the vacancy left by Byron Noeth when he became mayor.  Jim’s term will expire the end of March, as all city positions are open for election.

The city clerk made available the applications for filing for city elections, which must be turned into either the city clerk or the county clerk by noon on January 22.

Gilbert also distributed new council info sheets, which included Councilman Thompson’s contact info.

Clerk’s report
Storm siren: Clerk Gilbert said that the approach for activation of the town’s tornado siren has been changed to phone activation since the Fire Department radios do not have key pads for entering codes or sending that type of signal.  The new equipment will be installed by Stutler Technologies of Emporia, which installed the system that the city of Tampa uses..  The good news is that the cost will be around $1,100, which means the clerk will not be seeking a grant for this purpose.

Enviro-line repairs: Gilbert said she had an Enviro-line estimate on the repairs to the lift stations, which were around $3,500.  The council agreed to delay the work until Dave Staatz verified that he could get the strobe light, which needs to be replaced, which would remove this item from the Enviro-line estimate. The Clerk was told to wait on approving the work order until this had been done.
Creating office space at the city building: Jessica said she was holding off on getting the phone installed until the room was remodeled and the heating ducts installed.  The group briefly discussed whether there should be a sliding window installed in the north wall of he room (which looks out on the meeting room) or if a divided door would be sufficient. They also talked about security for the city checkbook and the occasional cash that is received for payments.  Gilbert said that a computer and printer would be needed, and a desk.  Gilbert donated an office chair already, and phone and answering machine.

Maintenance Report
Dave Staatz said the Christmas lights on main street had been taken down.  Otherwise, Dave said things were running well.

Youth Council Report
Council member Cassy Thompson reported that the Youth Council is revising the rules for elections, which will take place in May.  She said the group wants to hold another youth dance in the park.  

When asked about the toy run that was slated for December, in conjunction with the Herington Hospital and youth council sponsor, Brendan Bailey who works at the hospital, Cassy said the event didn’t take place because the hospital only donated 3 toys.  She said the toys were given to Jennifer Staatz’s children.

City Wage Increase
Mayor Noeth asked the council to consider increasing the city clerk’s wages to at least minimum wage of $7.25. The city clerk has been receiving $6.50 per hour since she began working for the city ten years ago. The city maintenance man was increased to $7.50 back when Don Matkins was maintenance man. Gilbert said she did not ask for an increase at that time, because she knew the budget was very tight. In 2013 the budget is much improved so Gilbert said a wage increase would be appreciated. If the treasurer is included in the hourly wage system, this would terminate the annual salary of $75.

Motion: Councilman Thompson moved to set the wages of all part-time city personnel at $8/hour, with the maintenance man and city clerk paid monthly and the treasurer paid quarterly.  Seconded by Billy Alcorn.  Motion passed unanimously.  

General business
Rachel Mealor thanked the city clerk for handling dog issues.  Mayor Noeth affirmed that several dog owners have been lax in containing their animals.  Warning letters and requests for Sheriff visits, have been issues to three families.

Motion: Jayme Brunner moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:50pm. Motion passed unanimously.

Jessica Gilbert, clerk

City of Ramona
Treasurer’s Report: January 14, 2013

Beginning Balance             12,151.95

    State of Ks.-Retail tax    740.80
    Westar Franchise     130.72
    Stroda (City Hall rental)    40.00
    Marion Co. Road/Bridge    36.56
Total Income        948.08

Balance prior to expense            13,100.03

Ck 4038-4034   sewer
Ck 4044   David Staatz (snow removal)    107.36
Ck 4045   Westar (street lights)    251.63
Ck 4046   Atmos (city building)    72.11
Ck 4047   RWD #1    47.42
Ck 4048   LKM Membership    67.78
Ck 4049   State Treasurer (st. bond)    1062.00
Ck 4050   KMIT (WC Insurance)    750.00
Ck 4051   J. Gilbert (32.75 clerk hrs)    196.58

Total Expense        2,554.88

Balance as of January 2013            10,545.15
Investment Funds    5,000.00

Reserve Funds
Reserve Fund:  Park Improvement    458.58
Reserve Fund: Siren    1,000.00
Reserve Fund: 4th of July    1,513.74
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair    500.00
Reserve Fund: Youth Council    417.82

January 2013

Beginning Balance        `    7,355.37
    Sewer Fees    250.00
    2012-2013     $250.00
    Gilbert $20
    Thompson $10
    Leach $10
    Calif. Sisters $40
    Thornhill $10
    Bailey, N $40
    Rickets $120
Total Income        250.00
Balance Prior to Expense            7,605.37

Ck 4038   Office Max (yearly supplies)    167.15
Ck 4039   US Post office (5 rolls)    225.00
Ck 4040   KDHE (wastewater peermit)    185.00
Ck 4041   Enviroline (maint. Agreement)    175.00
Ck 4042   Don Beisel    75.00
Ck 4043   Dave Staatz (half year payment)    138.53
Total Expense        965.68

Balance as of January 2013            6,639.69

Investment Funds:     30,000.00


Beginning Balance            12,624.27

Total Income        -0-
Balance Prior to Expense            12,624.27

Total Expense        -0-

Balance as of January 2013             12,624.27

Investment Funds:    5,000.00