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City of Ramona
Council Minutes
February 11, 2013
Ramona City Hall

Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth

Council Present: AJ Svoboda, Art Stroda, Billy Alcorn, Jim Thompson

Staff present: Jessica Gilbert, Kathy Matkins

Others in attendance: Terren Thompson, Dallen Thompson, Ronnie Carpenter,  Rachel Mealor

The meeting was called to order by the mayor at 7:00pm

The City Clerk read January meeting minutes.

Motion:  Billy Alcorn moved to approve the January 2013 minutes. Art Stroda seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Kathy Matkins read the Treasurer’s report and presented the bills for payment.

Motion: Art Stroda moved to accept the treasurer’s report as read; motion seconded by Billy Alcorn, and passed unanimously.

Clerk’s Report
Tornado Siren: Gilbert reported that the activation system has been installed at the Fire Department. She will give all storm spotters and appropriate City representatives a card they carry in their wallet, instructing them on using the system.

Easter Egg Hunt: The clerk reported that Rachel Mealor agreed to chair the easter egg hunt on March 23, in the city park. (Note: it was noticed, after the meeting, that the Saturday before Easter is March 30th, not March 23.)  

Lift Station Strobe: Gilbert said that the maintenance man had not yet located a strobe for the lift station.  The Council agreed to wait for one more month.  They asked the clerk to get an itemized statement from Enviro-Line for the work, rather than a lump sum estimate of $3,000.

Mayer Specialty: Gilbert reported that Mayer Specialty will be in Herington in April and will do the work on 2nd/B at that time.  Council discussed whether to schedule another cleaning of city lines (the last and only time it was done was 2006). They decided to wait until Fall and see if any sluggish lines have been reported.  They discussed whether to have camera work done on the line servicing the post office and the Ohm household, but no decision was made.  They asked the clerk to check with the fire department about regular flushing of the lines and the cost of this procedure.

Mayor’s Report
Mayor Noeth said he received complaints about noisy dirt bikes, go-carts, dune buggies, RV vehicles that were running stops signs, going on personal property, city right of way or city park, and not obeying speed limits, excessively noisy, The Sheriff said that these vehicles are illegal on public roads, except for 4-wheel RV vehicles which are allowed providing the driver has a license.  The Sheriff spoke specifically with the Mercers about their vehicles.

Council discussed putting signs in the park saying such recreational vehicles are not allowed, but no action was taken. There was discussion also about whether there was any action that could be taken if people drove these vehicles on their own property. In the end, the Mayor suggested people call the Sheriff or contact him and he will contact the Sheriff if these vehicles become a nuisance.

The mayor reported that a firearm was discharged in the alley between C and B streets, when someone was firing at a dog that was loose.  There was discussion about whether firing a weapon is illegal in city limits. Council asked the clerk to contact the Sheriff on this.

Youth Council
Terren Thompson said the youth council has decided to have 2-year terms of office for youth council officials, with elections following the April election of the City Council.  The age for participating on the council is minimum of 11 years and maximum of 19 years of age.

New business
Rachel Mealor asked if she and Kirby could install a culvert in the ditch on the north side of their home.  Council said they could as long as the water flow is not disturbed and said they should call DIGSAFE first.  Rachel asked about the culvert at the alley that is crushed. Council asked the city clerk to contact the county about possibly getting a free culvert that is 8-10” in diameter and 18-20’ long.

Motion: Jim Thompson moved to adjourn at 8pm.  Motion passed unanimously.

Jessica Gilbert, clerk
City of Ramona
Treasurer’s Report: February 11, 2013

Beginning Balance             10,545.15

    Marion Co. Ad Valorem    10,098.13
    State of Ks.-Retail tax    2,653.36
    Westar Franchise     152.02
    Atmost Franchise    104.54
    Knights of Columbus (City Hall rental)    20.00
Total Income        13,028.05

Balance prior to expense            23,573.20

         Checks printed    125.45
JE #1         Error in check amount    .60
Ck 4052   Westar    92.88
Ck 4053   sewer check
Ck 4054   Reimburse Gilbert: Office Max    11.20
Ck 4055   IRS    119.85
Ck 4056   Westar (street lights)    257.34
Ck 4057   Westar (xmas lights)    99.80
Ck 4058   RWD #1    49.45
Ck 4059   Cash for Easter event    75.00
Ck 4060  Stutler Tech (siren automated)    1,101.12
Ck 4061   Atmos Energy    85.16
Ck 4062   J. Gilbert (clerk)    201.32
Ck 4063   sewer check
Total Expense        2,219.17

Balance as of February 2013            21,354.03
Investment Funds    5,000.00

Reserve Funds
Reserve Fund:  Park Improvement    458.58
Reserve Fund: Siren    -0-
Reserve Fund: 4th of July    1,513.74
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair    500.00
Reserve Fund: Youth Council    417.82

February 2013

Beginning Balance        `    6,639.69
    Sewer Fees    60.00
    2012-2013     $60.00
    Thompson $10
    Leach $10
    Calif. Sisters $40

    Marion Ad Valorem    5,297.92
Total income        5,357.92

Balance Prior to Expense            11,997.61

Ck 4053   Westar    58.77
Ck 4063   Ks. Treasurer (bond)    948.75

Total Expense        1,007.52

Balance as of February 2013            10,990.09

Investment Funds:     30,000.00


Beginning Balance            12,624.27

State of Kansas    1,148.13
Total Income        1,148.13
Balance Prior to Expense            13,772.40

Total Expense        -0-

Balance as of February 2013             13,772.40

Investment Funds:    5,000.00