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City of Ramona
Council Minutes
July 8, 2013
Ramona City Hall

Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth

Council Present: Art Stroda, Billy Alcorn, AJ Svoboda, Rachel Mealor

Staff present: Jessica Gilbert, Kathy Matkins, Dave Staatz

Others in attendance: Rohani Alcorn, Jennifer Hathaway

The meeting was called to order at 7pm by Mayor Noeth.

Clerk Gilbert read the minutes for the June 2013 meeting.
Motion: Art Stroda moved to approve the June 2013 minutes as read.  Seconded by Billy Alcorn.  Passed unanimously.

Treasurer Kathy Matkins presented the financial report and the bills for payment in July.
Motion: Billy Alcorn moved to approve the bills for payment. Rachel Mealor seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

Mayor’s Report
As the meeting and decision-making commenced, Mayor Noeth reminded everyone that the council exists to do City business and also to create a safe and healthy environment for residents to live within. He said that the city ordinances exist to make this happen.  He went on to say that we act as a body, not individuals—there can be no private gatherings to discuss city business—and we have the city attorney and municipal judge to enforce ordinances.

The Mayor thanked everyone who was involved in making the Ramona 4th of July event such a success.  He expressed appreciation to Jeannie Goza and Art Stroda for spraying weeds and Dave Staatz for spraying mosquitoes.

Maintenance Report
Councilman Alcorn said he’d received a bid from Bruce out of Burdick for $2,163.32 for the ductwork to be done at the City Building.  The Clerk said she’d insert a line-item in the 2014 budget for this work to be done. Councilman Svoboda mentioned that the city building is also needing a roof.  No action taken.

Dave Staatz said that the south sewer pond was leaking—a valve was not closed tightly.  The problem has been resolved.  He also said that the ponds are becoming difficult to mow and that the rip-wrap may need to be done before long.

Some council members thought the work could be done without any assistance from a civil engineer or without calling KDHE; others urged the mayor to make inquiries to ensure the work that we do will satisfy KDHE requirements.

The City Clerk suggested calling Mr. Stuart Porter, of Schwab-Eaton, the engineer who helped the city delay the major rip-wrap project back in 2006 that was being demanded after a KDHE inspection.  Gilbert said that Porter was the reason the City got to delay the rip-wrap work until a future date.  She said that Porter is not a typical engineer and very much understands the realities of small-town finance.

Clerk’s Report
Jess reported that a gas account has been established at the Herington gas station and at Cardie Oil in Tampa.  Dave Staatz asked that the Cardie gas card remain in the Clerk’s office.  Gas is being purchased primarily at Cardies, and on an “as-needed” basis, in plastic containers.

Jess reviewed the budget for 2014 with the council and reported that the meeting with the accountant will take place in Marion on July 17 at 10:30am. Mayor Noeth asked if the city must use Swindoll Janzen Hawk & Loyd as the City CPA. Jess said the city has used this firm for a very long time—prior to her involvement as clerk. She said she believed the city’s contract with the firm was through the 2015 budget. She said that this was the accountant firm that did the Marion County budget and that working with Jan Nolde has been a very helpful and smooth process over the years, and she’d hate to see this disrupted without good cause.

The Ron Kidd-Jenny Makovec dog case is not proceeding. Both Kidd and Makovec have moved from town.  City Attorney Brian Bina did not charge the city for briefly working on this case, since it did not go to prosecution.

Because some unapproved debris had been seen at the city burn pile, the City Clerk suggested the city install a sign at the site, reminding people of the KDHE rules for dumping at the burn pile.  No action was taken: Councilman Svoboda expressed the opinion that having a sign would not detour folks from inappropriate dumping.

Motion: Bill Alcorn moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:45pm.  Motion seconded by Art Stroda, passed unanimously.

Jessica Gilbert, City Clerk

City of Ramona
Treasurer’s Report: July 8, 2013

Beginning Balance             23,226.06

    State of Ks.-Retail tax    795.84
    Westar Franchise     149.51
    Marion Co. Ad Valorem    5,649.55
    Marion Co. Road/Bridge    36.56
    4th Of July Donations    1,100.00
     Dan & Connie Smith $350
    Mike’s Mower $100
    Junior Hanschu $100
    Tatge Mfg. $100
    Deines Farms $350
    Carlson Grocery $50
    Al’s Cafe $50
    4th Of July income    867.50
    Ice Cream Sales $237.50
    Country Breakfast $630

    4th July money re-deposited    245.00

    Youth Council (4th income)    192.00
Total Income        9,035.96

Balance prior to expense            32,262.02

Ck 4124  void, wrong information
Ck 4125  Copy Co. (newsletter)    117.00
Ck 4126  Centre FBLA (donation)    100.00
Ck 4127  US Post Office (2 rolls stamps)    100.12
Ck 4128  Marion Co. Treas (waste fee)    66.89
Ck 4129  4th: Office Max (posterboard, tape)    33.76
Ck 4130  Youth Council: Alcorn (drinks)    119.18
Ck 4131  4th: Calif. Sister Reimburse    91.85
          Regular Expense: Postage   $2.32
          4th expense: 83.55
           Hobby Lobby (bulletin Board supplies) $5.98
              Glow bands $20.56
              Street Banners $62.99
Ck 4132  Westar (St. lights May)    254.89
Ck 4134  Wester (park, bldg, shop May)    81.51
Ck 4135  4th: J. Hathaway (face painting)    100.00
Ck 4136  Calif. Sister Reimburse    113.00
             Supplies: printer ink, paper
July 2013

Ck 4137  4th: Mid America Awards    135.00
            (street banner lettering)
Ck 4138  not used
Ck 4139  4th: USD 487 (breakfast supplies)    89.85
Ck 4140  not used
Ck 4141  4th Cash for parade prizes    1100.00
          ($240 was later redeposited)
Ck 4142  4th: Wald & Co. (fireworks)    1171.92
Ck 4143  4th: Justus Band    600.00
Ck 4144  4th: Van de Creek (tractor pull)    335.00
Ck 4145  4th: Dollar Gen. (b-fast supplies)      59.35
Ck 4146  4th: Barnes Food (ice cream)    189.19
Ck 4147  4th: Office Max    70.34
            Supplies: markers, duct tape, ink
Ck 4148  4th: Copy co (printing of 4th programs)    ?
Ck 4149  David Staatz (32 hrs maintenance)    236.42
Ck 4150  Kathy Matkins (Apr-June treasurer)     33.25
Ck 4151  Jessica Gilbert (clerk 54.5 hrs)    402.65
Ck 4152  4th: Baker Bros (posters)    129.66
Ck 4153  St. of Kansas Treas (street bond)  9,064.50
Ck 4154  4th: Hoch Pub (ads)    246.25
Ck 4155  Atmos Energy    42.08
Ck 4156  void, wrong amount
Ck 4157  Cardie Oil (10.8 gal fuel)    37.00
Ck 4158  Rural Water (park, city bldg)    45.39
Ck 4159  Karstetter & Klenda (dog issues)      65.00
Ck 4160  Westar (Street lights June)    254.93
Ck 4161  Art Stroda (Park improv; 2 toilets)      60.00
Total Expense        15,545.98

Balance as of July 2013            16,716.04
Investment Funds    5,000.00

July 2013

Beginning Balance        `    10,045.08
    Marion Co. Ad Valorem    2,964.01
    Sewer Fees    465.82
         2012-2013     $360.00
         Previous years  $105.82    

    Bailey, Nate $20
    Calif. Sisters $40
    Gilbert, J. $20
    Leach, F. $20
    Madron (delinq thru Marion Co. $105.82)
    Matkins, K. $120
    Thompson $10
    Thornhill $10            
    Trinity Lutheran $120        
Total income        3,429.83    
Balance Prior to Expense            13,474.91

Ck 4133  Westar    56.36
Ck 4162  Enviro-Line (inspection)    175.00
Ck 4163  Don Beisel    75.00
Ck 4164  Dave Staatz (1/2 year salary)    138.53
Total Expense        444.89
Balance as of July 2013            13,030.02
Investment Funds:     30,000.00

Beginning Balance            14,745.18
Total Income        -0-
Balance Prior to Expense            14,745.18

Total Expense        -0-
Balance as of July 2013            14,745.18
Investment Funds:    5,000.00

Reserve Funds
Reserve Fund:  Park Improvement    398.58
Reserve Fund: 4th of July    2057.09
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair    500.00
Reserve Fund: Youth Council    490.64