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City of Ramona
Council Minutes
October 14, 2013
Ramona City Hall

Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth

Council Present: Art Stroda, Billy Alcorn, Jay Plank, AJ Svoboda, Pat Wick

Staff present: Jessica Gilbert, Kathy Matkins

Others in attendance: Jim Thompson and Terren and CJ, Rohani Alcorn

Clerk Gilbert read the minutes for the September meeting.
Motion: Councilor Stroda moved to approve the September 2013 minutes with the correction that Councilor Svoboda was not present, due to the death of his father.  Seconded by Councilor Wick.  Motion passed.

Treasurer Kathy Matkins presented the financial report and the bills for payment in October.

Motion: Councilor Wick moved to approve the bills for payment; Councilor Alcorn seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

Council appointment
Mayor Noeth announced that Thaine “Jay” Plank was his choice for filling the council position left vacant by Rachel Mealor as of October 1, 2013.

Motion: Councilor Wick moved to accept Mayor Noeth’s appointment of Thaine “Jay” Plank to fill the vacant council position.  Seconded by Councilor Stroda.  Motion passed unanimously.

Clerk Gilbert conducted the swearing in ceremony for Jay Plank.

Delinquent Sewer Bills
Clerk Gilbert reviewed the delinquent sewer accounts that will be turned over to Marion County for collection through property tax assessments.  Gilbert said the sewer bills for October 2013 through September 2014 will be mailed the following week.  

Councilor Svoboda asked if any progress had been made on getting information from Stuart Porter regarding sewer pond repairs.  Mayor Noeth said he’d take charge of getting the financial figures for the council so a decision could be made at the next meeting as to the approach the council will take in getting the work done.

Brad Fleckingers Dogs
Council President Alcorn said that he and Councilor Svoboda were going to personally speak with Brad Fleckinger about his dogs being loose, but when he and AJ read the summary of violations, which the City Clerk had prepared, they determined the matter should be immediately turned over to the city attorney, Brian Bina, for prosecution.  

Council also discussed asking Mr. Bina, about amendments to the ordinance.

Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to send the Brad Fleckinger case to the City Attorney and in addition, to ask the city attorney about amending Ord. 190 pertaining to dogs within city limits, to address these issues:
a) giving the council the authority to issue fines on first offenses, rather than requiring the city attorney to be involved
b) expand the range of fines beyond $50
c) require the defendant to pay the city’s legal fees, in addition to court costs, should the defendant be found guilty by the Judge
d) reinstate the wording that would make the property owner responsible, along with the dog owner, if there’s a violation
e) ask if the City Policy should be part of the official ordinance or kept separate

Motion seconded by Councilor Wick.  Motion passed unanimously.

Motion: Councilor Wick moved to adjourn at 7:47 pm.  Seconded by Councilor Plank.

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Gilbert, city clerk 
City of Ramona
Treasurer’s Report: October 14, 2013

Beginning Balance             16,022.73

    State of Ks.-Retail tax    863.74
    Westar Franchise     217.46
    Marion Co. Connecting Links    36.56
    Marion Co. Ad Valorem    3,457.28
Total Income        4,575.04

Balance prior to expense            20,597.77

Ck 4194  Westar (Sept: shed, city hall, park)    82.84
Ck 4196  Westar (Oct: shed, city hall, park)    83.36
Ck 4197  Westar (street lights)    252.65
Ck 4199  Dave Staatz (Sept. Maint)    151.45
Ck 4200  Ampride (fuel)    54.16
Ck 4201  Atmos Energy (city hall)    42.02
Ck 4202  RWD #1 (park, city hall)    49.87
Ck 4203  Kathy Matkins (quarterly wages)    44.32
Ck 4204  J. Gilbert (wages & reimbursement)    142.78
         Postage 6.11
          Wages  136.67    
Total Expense        903.45

Balance as of October 2013            19,694.32
Investment Funds    5,000.00

October  2013

Beginning Balance        `    7,388.65


Marion Co. Ad Valorem    1,813.85

Sewer Fees    1,324.00

Delinquent fees collected by County:   $460
    Bailey, Brendan       $150
    Hare, Robert             $130
    Staatz, David            $150
    Stika, Frank              $ 30

 2012-2013  Sewer Fees                         $514
    Calvert                      $247
    Gratz (for Dones)     $120
    Radke                       $127
    Bailey, N                  $20

2013-2014   Sewer Fees:                         $350           
    Bailey, Nate $20
    Calif. Sisters $40
    Gilbert, J. $10
    Thompson $10
    Thornhill $10            
    Leach $20
    Matkins $240
Total income        3,137.85    
Balance Prior to Expense            10,526.50

Ck 4195  Westar (Sept)    66.47
Ck 4198  Westar (Oct)    49.50
Total Expense        115.97

Balance as of October 2013            10,410.53
Investment Funds:     30,000.00

October  2013

Beginning Balance            15,874.74

Total Income        -0-
Balance Prior to Expense            15,874.74

Total Expense        -0-
Balance as of October 2013            15,874.74
Investment Funds:    5,000.00

Reserve Funds
Reserve Fund: 4th of July    1818.13
Reserve Fund:  Park Improvement    398.58
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair    500.00
Reserve Fund: Youth Council    490.64