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City of Ramona
Council Minutes
December 9, 2013
Ramona City Hall

Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth
Council Present: Art Stroda, Billy Alcorn, Jay Plank, AJ Svoboda, Pat Wick
Staff present: Jessica Gilbert
Others in attendance: Rohani Alcorn

Clerk Gilbert read the minutes for the last council meeting.

Motion: Pat Wick moved to approve the November 2013 minutes. Seconded by Councilor Plank.  Motion passed unanimously.

Councilor Alcorn added that Jim Thompson’s outburst at the November meeting was directed at him, and that Jim did eventually apologize to him.

Councilor Wick reported that the abandoned metal teeter tauter that was discussed at the November member was picked up by members of the Guss Schubert family, whose family member built it.

Clerk Gilbert reported that Cardie Oil had been notified to come and pick up the fuel tank that is no longer being used by the City.

The financial report was read by the City clerk since the Treasurer could not attend due to illness.

Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to approve the bills for payment; Councilor Stroda seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

Sewer System
Mayor Noeth signed the contract for engineering services between Schwab Eaton and the City of Ramona, to provide specifications for renovation of the south wastewater lagoon. (Exhibit A).

Art Stroda reported that Enviroline came for normal inspection and they said there were no problems at the lift stations.  Councilor Alcorn said that Councilor Svoboda had purchased two batteries for the lift station generator and would need reimbursement.

Christmas Event
Jeannie Goza is planning a Christmas party for Ramona children and the city clerk asked Council to approve $100 for reimbursed expense, which is approved in the City Budget.

Motion: Councilor Alcorn approved reimbursing Jeannie Goza up to $100 in expenses toward the Children’s Christmas Party on December 15, 2013.  Seconded by Art Stroda.  Motion passed unanimously.

Fleckinger Dog Case
Clerk Gilbert reported that Municipal Court was scheduled on December 2 to hear the Fleckinger case, but had to be cancelled due to a scheduling conflict for Judge Collett.  City Attorney Bina said he would reschedule in January and that any additional violations of Ord. 190 by Mr. Fleckinger should be reported to him. Clerk Gilbert said that she had witness the dogs being loose six times since Brad was served legal papers by Attorney Bina. Additional complaints were signed by Councilors Alcorn, Wick and Plank who have also witnessed the violations. Bina told the City Clerk that Court would be held in January 2014.

Motion: Councilor Wick moved to adjourn at 7:25pm; Councilor Plank seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

Jessica Gilbert, city clerk
City of Ramona
Treasurer’s Report: December 9, 2013

Beginning Balance             20,024.90

    State of Ks.-Retail tax    970.86
    Westar Franchise     178.05
    Interest income from CDs    118.71
    Youth Council    50.00    
Total Income        1,317.62

Balance prior to expense            21,342.52

Ck 4218  Westar (city bldg, shop, park)    80.46
Ck 4219  Westar (street lights)    252.34
Ck 4220  League of Ks. Municipalities (dues)    67.71
Ck 4221  Marion co. (trash assessment)    141.54
Ck 4222  Atmos Energy    44.68
Ck 4223  RWD #1 (park, city bldg)    47.42
Ck 4224  J. Gilbert (reimbursement)    34.20
        Postage $5.60
        Supplies (city bldg) $28.20
Ck 4225  Dave Staatz (14 hrs maint)    103.44
Ck 4226  Jess Gilbert (27 hrs clerk)    199.48

Total Expense        971.27

Balance as of December 2013            20,371.25
Investment Funds    5,000.00

Reserve Funds
Reserve Fund: 4th of July    1936.84
Reserve Fund:  Park Improvement    398.58
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair    500.00
Reserve Fund: Youth Council    540.64

December  2013

Beginning Balance        `    11,967.36


Sewer Fees    430.00

2013-2014   Sewer Fees:                         $430.00      
    Gilbert $20
    Leach $10
    Plank $20
    Smith $120
    Stroda, J $120
    Thompson $10
    Thornhill $10
    Trinity Lutheran $120
Total income        430.00    
Balance Prior to Expense            12,397.36

Ck 4217  Westar    51.41
Total Expense        51.41

Balance as of December 2013            12,345.95
Investment Funds:     30,000.00

Beginning Balance            17,125.72

Total Income        -0-
Balance Prior to Expense            17,125.72

Total Expense        -0-
Balance as of December 2013            17,125.72
Investment Funds:    5,000.00