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City of Ramona
Council Minutes
March 10, 2014
Ramona City Hall

Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth
Council Present: Billy Alcorn, Jay Plank, Art Stroda, A.J. Svoboda, Pat Wick
Staff present: Jessica Gilbert
Others in attendance: Bill Henricks of Insurance Planning, Emporia; Rohani Alcorn

Clerk Gilbert read the minutes for the last council meeting.

Motion: Councilor Stroda moved to approve the February 2014 minutes. Seconded by Councilor Plank. Motion passed unanimously.

The financial report was read by the City Clerk, in the Treasurer’s absence.

Motion: Councilor Wick moved to approve the bills for payment; Councilor Plank seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

City Insurance
Bill Henricks of Insurance Planning, Emporia, discussed the city’s insurance policy for the coming year. Of particular note was the fact that the City Hall cannot be insured (nor has it ever been, even when it was under the Senior Citizen group) due to the condition of the roof.

After reviewing the proposed coverage, the Council asked Henricks to remove coverage for the memorial benches (since the deductible is about the cost of the bench) and also the city shed, since insurance inspectors have valued the building far beyond its worth. The contents of the shed are covered, along with all other tools and equipment belonging to the City.

Motion: Councilor Plank moved to drop the memorial benches and the city shop from the City insurance policy. Seconded by Councilor Wick. Motion passed unanimously.

Henricks was asked to explain the Errors and Omissions insurance (which the City does not traditionally carry). Henricks said that sometimes we make decisions that cause a perceived loss to someone and this is why such coverage is obtained. No action was taken to obtain insurance in this area.

Ordinance 196 — Dogs in City Limits
City Attorney Brian Bina asked that the Council affirm the passage of Ordinance 196, as amended by the City Attorney.

Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to approve City Ordinance 196 relating to dogs. Second by Councilor Plank. Motion passed unanimously. (Exhibit A)

A summary of the ordinance will be published in the Marion Record, directing people to see the entire ordinance at the city’s website. In addition, residents will receive a copy of the ordinance, delivered by Councilor Plank and Councilor Alcorn.

The new ordinance calls for Animal Control Officers to investigate complaints; these officers are the only people authorized to issue a warning, ticket or fine, concerning dogs within city limits. City Attorney Bina asked that a resolution be enacted, appointing the officers.

Motion: Councilor Wick moved to enact Resolution 2014-3-1, a resolution authorizing Byron Noeth, Billy Alcorn and Jay Plank as Ramona’s Animal Control Officers, with the authority to investigate complaints, issue warnings and tickets, concerning Ordinance 196, relating to dogs. The Animal Control Officers shall be authorized to carry out their responsibilities until their term of office concludes or when elections are held in 2015. Seconded by Councilor Stroda. Motion passed unanimously. (Exhibit B)

The Council reviewed the ticket form, which was created by Attorney Bina, and they had no changes to recommend. (Exhibit C)

Community Service Day
Marion County Commissioner proclaimed April 25 as Community Service Day within Marion County. They asked all the cities within the County to join in the event, however, some folks in Ramona had already been discussing a clean-up event in the city park.

Motion: Councilor Wick moved to declare Sunday, March 30, (or April 6, if it rains) as a park clean-up event. Councilor Stroda and Jeannie Goza have agreed to chair the event. Seconded by Councilor Plank. Motion passed unanimously. Notice of the event will be in the Ramona Newsletter and also posted on the City bulletin board.

Fair Housing Month
Motion: Councilor Svoboda moved to pass a Proclamation declaring April to be Fair Housing Month in Ramona. Seconded by Councilor Alcorn. Motion passed unanimously (Exhibit D)

Reports on Garbage/Trash Complaints
Council members agreed that the properties at 211 B, 303 B and 309C are given the “all clear” status, concerning the complaints that were received about unconfined trash blowing from their properties.

Easter Event
Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to approve giving Jeannie Goza, chair of the Easter Egg Hunt in Ramona, $100 for expenses. Seconded by Councilor Plank. Motion passed unanimously.

Ramona Municipal Court Report
The Court Clerk, Jessica Gilbert, informed Council of the actions taken by Judge Collett concerning the case of Brad Fleckinger and three complaints brought against him by the City Attorney. Fleckinger entered a plea of guilty in all three cases. The Court fined Fleckinger $50 per case, for a total of $150, and also assessed $150 in court costs, due immediately. The fines are suspended for 90 days from the date of hearing and during this time Brad is required to install kennel runs to prevent the dogs from running at large. At the end of the 90 days, a representative from City Council is required to visit Brad’s home to determine if the kennels have been set up. If he has complied, with the Court’s order, the fines will be suspended. If, however, the dogs are reported loose any time during the 90-day period, the fines are immediately re-instated.

Clerk’s Report
City Clerk Gilbert reported that unsuitable trash had been found at the City burn pile (desk drawers, painted wood, wood with nails). Councilor Wick said she would be responsible for removing the items from the burn pile.

Gilbert said she was creating the Ramona Newsletter which will announce the Easter event and give information about recent changes in ordinances. She asked if there were other items the council wanted included; there were none.


Maintenance Report
Council President Alcorn reported that he and Dave Staatz have been testing the generator at the lift station. Alcorn also said he was planning to repair the crushed culverts at 5th and E and 4th and E. Council discussed sinking a post near the corners, with perhaps a reflector on it, to keep drivers clear of culverts. They asked the City Clerk to ask the City insurance agent if there was any reason this couldn’t be done.

Councilor Alcorn said he spoke to Rob Wolfe of Atmos Energy, about the hole in the pavement in front of the Post Office, where Atmos had to repair a pipeline. Alcorn said Atmos could either patch the hole or wait until the City chips and seals main street and Atmos would agree to reimburse the city for this area. Council asked Billy to ask Wolfe what they would offer if the City repaired the area or put chip/seal there.

Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:20pm. Councilor Wick seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,


Jessica Gilbert, city clerk


City of Ramona
Treasurer’s Report: March 10, 2014

Beginning Balance 30,579.63

State of Ks.-Retail tax 813.80
Westar Franchise 275.59
Total Income 1,089.39

Balance prior to expense 31,669.02

Ck 4254 Westar (park, city hall, shop) 29.84
Ck 4256 Office Max (printer ink, supplies) 50.77
Ck 4257 Copy Co (printing Ord. 196) 26.40
Ck 4258 VOID
Ck 4259 Judge Collett (mileage) 31.20
Ck 4260 RWD #1 (park, city bldg) 46.78
Ck 4261 Atmos (city bldg) 101.05
Ck 4262 Jess Gilbert (25.5 clerk hours) 188.40
Ck 4264 US Post Office (box) 24.00
Ck 4265 Karstetter & Bina (Muni court) 87.40
Total Expense 585.84

Balance as of March 2014 31,083.18
Investment Funds 5,000.00






Funds on Reserve
Reserve Fund: 4th of July 1936.84
Reserve Fund: Park Improvement 398.58
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair 500.00
Reserve Fund: Youth Council 540.64

March 2014

Beginning Balance ` 16,767.62


Sewer Fees 330.00

2013-2014 Sewer Fees
Bailey, N $20
Beeman $120
California Sisters $40
Gilbert $20
Gratz (for Dones) $50
Sondergard $60
Thompson $10
Thornhill $10

Total income 330.00
Balance Prior to Expense 17,097.62

Ck 4255 Westar 63.58
Ck 4263 Don Beisel 75.00
Total Expense 138.58
Balance as of March 2014 16,959.04
Investment Funds: 30,000.00

Beginning Balance 18,298.86
Total Income 0.00
Balance Prior to Expense 18,298.86

Total Expense 0.00
Balance as of March 2014 18,298.86
Investment Funds: 5,000.00