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City of Ramona
Council Minutes
April 14, 2014
Ramona City Hall

Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth
Council Present: Billy Alcorn, Art Stroda, Pat Wick
Staff present: Jessica Gilbert, Kathy Matkins
Others in attendance: Rohani Alcorn, Don Matkins, Commissioner Dan Holub

Clerk Gilbert read the minutes for the last council meeting.

Motion: Councilor Wick moved to approve the March 2014 minutes. Seconded by Councilor Stroda. Motion passed unanimously.

The financial report was read by Treasurer Kathy Matkins

Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to approve the bills for payment; Councilor Stroda seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

Mayor Noeth expressed appreciation to those who participated in the park clean up on March 30.

Clerk Gilbert asked for approval for the City to purchase 5 sensors to go on the 5 downtown light poles; these sensors will regulate the city’s outlets which are on each pole. The Westar representative for this area said that if we bought the sensors, he would install them on this occasion only.

Motion: Councilor Wick approved the purchase of 5 light sensors by Councilor Stroda, or installation on the city’s downtown light poles. Seconded by Councilor Alcorn. Motion passed unanimously.

Councilor Alcorn said he and Dave Staatz closed the south sewer pond to drain the pond in preparation for work this summer. They also burned around the pond, and tested the sewer system generator.

Billy reported that he and Councilor Svoboda removed the trees on the south edge of the park that were damaged.

As for the spot down by the post office where Atmos did repair work and had to remove asphalt, Councilor Alcorn said that his contact, Greg Wolfe, is checking on the damages and cost to repair and will report back to Billy.

Sewage was escaping from the Tatge sewer overflow. KDHE gave Mr. Fleckinger 24 hours to fix the issue or the water would be turned off. The problem was definitely the property owner’s responsibility according to Councilors Alcorn and Stroda. Councilor Stroda assisted them in getting the line free. They have put lime on the refuse.

Councilor Stroda reported that the bathrooms in the park are working now that Spring is here. He also suggested the Council get a lock on the park water hydrant.

Commissioner Holub spoke to Council about the ramifications of the City of Ramona becoming unincorporated. He addressed the issues because there were rumors that some disgruntled Ramona citizens might undertake such an initiative. Holub strongly discouraged any such actions, citing the changes that would undoubtedly take place in the community: permanent loss of the Post Office, no maintenance for paved streets by the County, no street lights, clearing of the road in winter would be from the railroad tracks, to the first intersection in town, the sewer system would not be maintained by the County—instead the city would have to spend money to create an Improvement District to oversee the sewer system. Citizens would still pay sewer fees and taxes. Other ramifications would be that Ramona residents would be subject to Marion County building codes and zoning regulations. The County would not maintain the park, nor mow it, or mow the city right of ways. Holub said such a move would get very complicated since the city has bonds; he said the lawyers’ fees could quickly diminish the city’s existing surplus funds. He commented that Lost Spring looked into un-incorporating for financial reasons, but when they heard the facts, they quickly rejected the idea.

Garbage Ordinance No. 169
City Clerk Gilbert distributed copies of the ordinance, along with comments and questions from 2009, when the Council previously reviewed this ordinance for amendment. Council will address the ordinance at a future meeting.

The garbage that has collected at Irene Beames’s home was raised as a problem which needs to be addressed. Mayor Noeth said he would try to see her and would also write a letter, asking her to come into compliance by the next Council meeting.

Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:35pm. Seconded by Councilor Wick. Motion passed unanimously.



Jessica Gilbert
City Clerk


Treasurer’s Report: April 14, 2014

Beginning Balance 31,083.18
State of Ks.-Retail tax 773.20
Westar Franchise 224.15
Marion Co. Road/Bridge 36.57
Marion Co. Ad Valorem 2,809.06
Total Income 3,842.98
Balance prior to expense 34,926.16

Ck 4266 Westar (street lights March) 277.60
Ck 4268 Westar (street lights February) 277.60
Ck 4269 Copy Co (March Ramona News) 183.70
Ck 4271 Jeannie Goza (Easter event) 100.00
Ck 4272 Westar (Christmas lights) 108.40
Ck 4273 Westar (park, city bldg, shed) 81.60
Ck 4274 Calif Sisters (reimbursement) 47.54
(Copy Co: printing Ord. 196 forms)
Ck 4275 RWD #1 (water) 46.78
Ck 4276 Agri Mart (fuel) 33.02
Ck 4277 Kevin Ireland (website maint 2013) 100.00
Ck 4278 Atmos (city bldg) 64.99
Ck 4279 Hoch Pub (ord. 196 published) 47.00
Ck 4280 Billy Alcorn (council compensation) 90.00
Ck 4281 Jay Plank (council compensation) 37.50
Ck 4282 AJ Svoboda (council compensation) 75.00
Ck 4283 Byron Noeth (council compensation) 120.00
Ck 4284 Art Stroda (council compensation) 90.00
Ck 4285 Rachel Mealor (council compensation) 45.00
Ck 4286 Pat Wick (council compensation) 75.00
Ck 4287 Kathy Matkins (treas + meetings) 106.67
Jan-Mar Wage (6 hrs) $48/Meeting Attendance $67.50
Ck 4288 Jess Gilbert (clerk + meetings) 349.08
36 hrs Clerk $288/Meeting Attendance $90
Ck 4289 Dave Staatz (maintenance) 87.27
9 hrs Maintenance $72/Meeting Attendance $22.50
Total Expense 2,443.75
Balance as of April 2014 32,482.41
Investment Funds 5,000.00
April 2014

Beginning Balance ` 16,959.04
Marion Co. Ad Valorem 1,480.53
Sewer Fees 1,007.00

2013-2014 Sewer Fees
Bailey, N $20
California Sisters $40
Gilbert $20
Leach $20
Matkins $30
Thompson $10
Thornhill $10

Delinquent Fees collected by Marion County
Bailey, Brendan $140
Bell, William $140
Shepard $577
Total income 2,487.53
Balance Prior to Expense 19,446.57
Ck 4270 Westar 59.66
Total Expense 59.66
Balance as of April 2014 19,386.91
Investment Funds: 30,000.00

Beginning Balance 18,298.86
Total Income 0.00
Balance Prior to Expense 18,298.86
Total Expense 0.00
Balance as of April 2014 18,298.86
Investment Funds: 5,000.00

Funds on Reserve
Reserve Fund: 4th of July 1936.84
Reserve Fund: Park Improvement 398.58
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair 500.00
Reserve Fund: Youth Council 540.64