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City of Ramona
Council Minutes
June 9, 2014
Ramona City Hall

Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth
Council Present: Billy Alcorn, Art Stroda, Pat Wick
Staff present: Jessica Gilbert, Kathy Matkins
Others in attendance: Rohani Alcorn

Clerk Gilbert read the minutes for the last council meeting.

Pat Wick asked for the minutes to be amended regarding the letter to the Radke household. The motion should include both household trash and construction garbage.

Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to approve the May 2014 minutes as amended by Councilor Wick. Seconded by Councilor Stroda. Motion passed unanimously.

The financial report was read by the Treasurer.

Motion: Councilor Wick moved to approve the bills for payment; Councilor Stroda seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

Council asked Clerk Gilbert about the letters that were to be sent by the City Attorney to the Radkes and Mercers. Gilbert explained that there was some ambiguity concerning the procedure and Mr. Bina said that if he contacted the families it would be to act on a complaint and take the matter to court.

Motion: Councilor Wick amended her motion from the May meeting that Amanda Radke receive a letter from Mayor Noeth explaining that the household garbage and the construction trash needs to be removed by the next council meeting in June. If action is not taken, the matter will be turned over to the City Attorney and he will file a complaint in Municipal Court. Seconded by Councilor Stroda; motion passed unanimously.

As for the Mercers, Council decided to hold until the next meeting and Council will track whether their trash is drifting down the street and into the park.

The Clerk reported that Municipal Court will be held on June 24.

Councilor Alcorn reported that the generator at the lift station is working well. The City tractor needs a new battery and Alcorn is going to try a new system for installing the battery. The sewer pond has been mowed; trees still need to be cut. The KDHE inspector noted that in addition to mowing and cutting trees, there needs to be 4 signs at the sewer pond.

Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved that the City Clerk contact the KDHE inspector and get the proper wording for signs that need to be installed at the lagoons; and authorized the Clerk to have the signs made. Seconded by Councilor Wick. Motion passed unanimously.

Lagoon Rehabilitation
Clerk Gilbert reviewed the bid information sheet and council discussed the timeline for receiving bids and reviewing them. The timeline is as follows:
June 9: Bid specs and bid information sheets given to Councilor Alcorn at this meeting
July 11: Bids need to be received by the city by 5pm
July 14: Bids opened at City Council: Council sets date for reviewing the bids, giving the Clerk
and Councilor Alcorn time to check on references. Bids will be shown to Stuart Porter.
August 12: Council meeting where bids will be reviewed and decision made
August 15: contractors notified by this date.

Storm Clean-up
Councilor Alcorn updated everyone on the work he and others have been doing in cleaning up after the storm on June 5th. Alcorn is tracking his hours and the fuel costs for his skid steer, as well as for generators and other equipment. Clerk Gilbert will contact other volunteers about their time in assisting with clean-up. These figures will be sent to Randy Frank, Director of Marion County emergency management.

Mr. Frank also asked the City Clerk to compile information about damages to households in Ramona because of the storm. Gilbert sent out a form to all residents, asking them to provide input and she has received quite a few forms.

4th July Proclamation
Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to approve the 4th of July proclamation (exhibit A). Seconded by Councilor Stroda. Motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Noeth asked if the fireworks would be fired on 360th in front of his and Alcorn’s homes. They both agreed that this was okay with them. Alcorn said he would contact Jayme Brunner about overseeing the firing of the city’s display.

Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to adjourn at 8:10pm. Seconded by Councilor Wick. Motion passed unanimously.



Jessica Gilbert, Clerk

City of Ramona
Treasurer’s Report: June 9, 2014

Beginning Balance 31,248.17
State of Ks.-Retail tax 913.31
Westar Franchise 154.13
Atmos Franchise 207.93
4th: Interest Income 117.28
4th: Donations 2,500.00
Marion Co. Econ Dev. $500
Tampa State Bank $350
1st Choice Meats $100
Jr. Hanschu Family $100
Tri County Telephone $250
Agri Producers $100
Atmos $100
No. Central Ks. Co-op $100
Clark Lumber $100
1st National Bank of Hope $200
Central National Bank $50
Tri County Chamber $100
Cow Camp $350
Mikes Mowers $100

Total Income 3,892.65

Balance prior to expense 35,140.82

Note pertaining to the May Treasurer’s report: Ck 4295 to Concordia Tractor, for 88.51 was voided because Billy Alcorn had paid this bill and reimbursement was to go to him, instead. Ck 4302 was issued to Billy Alcorn in the amount of $88.51. There was no change in totals; therefore, a new May Treasurer’s Report was not created.
Ck 4303 Napa Auto Parts (battery, oil) 93.76
Ck 4304 David Staatz (Apr-May maintenance)132.98
Ck 4305 Voided
Ck 4306 4th: Calif. Sisters (reimbursement) 126.38
Office Max (Ink packet for printer)
Ck 4307 Judge Keith Collett 31.20
May Municipal Court
Ck 4309 Westar (park, city bldg, shed) 82.22
Ck 4310 4th: US Post Office (envelopes) 15.60
Ck 4311 Art Stroda (reimbursement) 42.66
Menards: 4 light sensors
Ck 4312 4th: Herington Railers 91.18
Country Breakfast
Ck 4313 Atmos (city bldg) 44.76
Ck 4314 Rural Water 47.92
Ck 4315 API (chemicals) 103.00
Ck 4316 Karstetter & Bina 198.23
Fleckinger case
Ck 4317 Jeannie Goza (18 hrs mowing) 132.99
Ck 4318 Jessica Gilbert (40 hrs clerk) 295.52
Ck 4319 Jessica Gilbert (reimursement) 9.99
Total Expense 1,448.39
Balance as of June 2014 33,692.43
Investment Funds 5,000.00















Funds on Reserve
Reserve Fund: 4th of July 4826.96
Reserve Fund: Park Improvement 398.58
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair 500.00
Reserve Fund: Youth Council 540.64

June 2014

Beginning Balance ` 19,511.90
Investment CD Cashed In 30,000.00

Sewer Fees 370.00

2013-2014 Sewer Fees
California Sisters $40
Calvert $180
Gratz (for Dones) $40
Radke $90
Thompson $10
Thornhill $10
Total income 30,370.00
Balance Prior to Expense 49,881.90

Ck 4308 Westar 53.46
Ck 4320 Schwab-Eaton (pond specs) 1,411.00
Total Expense 1,464.46
Balance as of June 2014 48,417.44*
*Note: $30,000 minimum on reserve for sewer pond renovation

Beginning Balance 19,428.94
Total Income -0-
Balance Prior to Expense 19,428.94
Total Expense -0-
Balance as of June 2014 19,428.94
Investment Funds: 5,000.00