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City of Ramona
Council Minutes
July 14, 2014
Ramona City Hall

Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth
Council Present: Billy Alcorn, Art Stroda, AJ Svoboda, Jay Plank
Staff present: Jessica Gilbert, Kathy Matkins
Others in attendance: Rohani Alcorn, Makenzie Deines, Tony Becker of Reed Dozing, Ben Calvert, Max Morgan


The Minutes were read by the city clerk.

Motion: Councilor Svoboda moved to accept the June 2014 meeting minutes as ready by Jessica Gilbert. Seconded by Councilor Alcorn. Motion passed unanimously.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Kathy Matkins.

Motion: Councilor Plank moved to accept the bills presented for payment. Seconded by Councilor Stroda. Motion passed unanimouisly.

“Miss Ramona”
Makenzie Deines announced that she will enter the Miss Teen Kansas competition in November, and will run as “Miss Ramona.” Makenzie was aware that the City of Ramona could not donate to her endeavors, but asked for individual support from citizens. Jessica Gilbert and Kathy Matkins said they would be helping Makenzie raise the $500 needed by August for the submission of her application for the competition.

4th July fireworks
Ben Calvert and Max Morgan appeared before Council as representatives of the Ramona fire department. The Fire Department takes the trucks to the field where fireworks are being ignited on July 4th, and Ben voiced concern at some of the things that happened during this process—for example, one of the people lighting fireworks lit the box and then kicked it over and this started a fire in the field. He also said people witnessed drinking by the people who were responsible for lighting the display, and the Fire Department saw this as a safety concern.

Council thanked the Fire Department for their involvement in the July 4th celebration, and appreciated their concern about fireworks safety. Those concerns will be addressed in 2015.

Since Mr. Calvert had attended a previous Council meeting with concerns about trash drifting to the north end of town to his fences and property, Mayor Noeth asked Calvert if the problem had improved since letters had been written to Radkes and Mercers concerning garbage. Mr. Calvert said he thought there was improvement. Calvert also notified Council that he had purchased the property at 211 B (formerly rented by Marvin Rains) and would be cleaning and improving the property.

Sewer Lagoon Renovation Bids
Council opened the five bids received on the lagoon renovation project. The bids came in as follows:

Blixt Construction Inc $43,850
Reed Dozing & Contractors $53,884
JJ Westhoff Construction $59,401
Penwell Equipment $64,279
Dalke Construction $81,565

Council President Billy Alcorn asked for copies of all bids so he could begin checking on references. Council agreed that the final decision would be made at the August meeting.

Municipal Court
City Attorney Brian Bina instructed the City Clerk to establish a checking account for the Municipal Court so that bench warrants could be deposited there, because they cannot be part of the city accounts.

Motion: Councilor Stroda moved to approve the City Clerk opening a checking account at Tampa State Bank for the Ramona Municipal Court; the court clerk will be the only signor for the account. Seconded by Councilor Plank. Motion passed unanimously

Electricity to City Shed
Councilor Alcorn said that the June 5th storm tore the meter box off the city shed and in order to disentangle electrical lines from nearby trees the electrical power had to be cut. Councilors Alcorn, Stroda and Plank looked at the building and believe it’s best to not install another meter.

Motion: Councilor Stroda moved to not have electrical service at the City Shop since a tree took down the power lines. Seconded by Councilor Alcorn. Motion passed unanimously.

2015 Budget Discussion
Because the City Clerk would soon be meeting with Jan Nolde CPA, from Swindoll Janzen Hawk & Loyd (preparers of the city’s 2015 budget), a decision needed to be made regarding the city’s mil levy. The question: does Council want the mil levy to remain the same for 2015?

The Kansas State Legislature recently made changes to the tax computation page on the budget. IF Council wants the mil levy to remain the same (112.839) as last year, the Council will need to publish in the newspaper the vote concerning the 2015 budget which will happen at the August 11 meeting. The cost of publishing the vote could be anywhere from $100-$150.

If the City does not want to incur this expense of publishing the vote, the mil levy would need to be reduced by almost $600. The CPA strongly discouraged the practice of continuing to lower the mil levy to avoid the cost of publication (as has been done for the last two years). Continuing to lower the mil levy could eat into the “carry over” or cushion of reserve funds that keeps the city’s finances in healthy condition.

Mayor Noeth strongly objected to the Legislature requiring publication and expenditure of funds by the city in order to receive entitled revenues. Clerk Gilbert lobbied for publishing, pointing out that a small city like Ramona can use every $600 that comes their way. Treasurer Matkins summed it up like this: “You spend $100 to gain $500.”

Motion: Councilor Svoboda moved to keep the Ramona mil levy at 112.839 and to approve publication of the vote concerning the 2015 budget, after the August 11 budget hearing. Seconded by Councilor Stroda. Motion passed unanimously.

Junior Council BBQ
Councilor Alcorn announced that the Ramona Junior Council decided to have a “Chillin and Grillin” barbecue on August 9th* from 5pm to midnight. The Junior Council wanted to have a party that included everyone in Ramona; they will be providing the barbecue, drinks and tableware and residents are invited to bring side dishes.

Motion: Councilor Stroda moved to approve the Ramona Junior Council reserving the Ramona City Park for a town barbecue on August 9 from 5-midnight. Seconded by Councilor Plank. Motion passed unanimously.

Note: the barbecue date was later changed to Saturday, August 16.

Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to adjourn at 8:30pm. Seconded by Councilor Plank. Motion passed unanimously.


Jessica Gilbert, clerk



Treasurer’s Report: July 14, 2014

Beginning Balance 33,692.43
State of Ks.-Retail tax 867.37
Westar Franchise 153.07
Marion Co Road/Bridge 36.56
Fleckinger (court fines) 300.00
Marion Co. Ad Valorem 5,360.30
4th: Donations 1,500.00
Jirak, Steve $50
DC Trucking $350
Kenny Stroda Farms $300
Deines Farms $350
Carlsons Grocery $50
California Sisters $50
Billy Alcorn $50
Anonymous Donor $50
Throttle Jockey Car Club $25
Al’s Cafe $25
McClure & Stroda $100
Hope 1st National Bank $100

4th: Income 856.10
Country Breakfast $528.10
Ice Cream sales $153
Petty cash/cash box redeposited $175

Youth Council 4th income 42.00
Total Income 9,115.40

Balance prior to expense 42,807.83

Ck 4321 4th Reimburse: Art Stroda 24.00
Glow bracelets
Ck 4322 4th:Baker Bros (posters) 129.67
Ck 4323 Westar (park, etc) 83.40
Ck 4325 Westar (street lights) 288.74
Ck 4326 US Post Office (stamps) 99.05
Ck 4327 Reimburse: Jess Gilbert 244.99
4th: Paper, envelopes $53.46
Postage: 13.23
Printing (town newsletter) 178.30
Ck 4329 4th: Wald & Co (fireworks) 1,533.30
Ck 4330 VOID
Ck 4331 Reimburse: Rohani Alcorn 272.28
Ck 4332 4th: Justus Band 600.00
Ck 4333 4th: Jen Hathaway 100.00
Face painting
Ck 4334 4th: Heartland Foods 118.12
Ice cream
Ck 4335 4th: Reimburse: J. Gilbert 228.28
Decorations, street banners, paper, flyers, supplies

Ck 4336 4th: Prairie Pots 100.00
Ck 4337 4th: Van de Creek Tractor Pull 325.00
Ck 4338 4th: Cash 1,260.00
Parade prizes $750
Nail drive contest $60
Art contest $175
Mower obstacle course $100
Cash box $175 (re-deposited)
Ck 4339 4th: Office Max 164.48
Envelopes, ink for printer, tape
Ck 4340 Judge K. Collett (court mileage) 31.20
Ck 4341 4th: Reimburse J. Gilbert 121.87
Supplies for bathrooms 32.37
Country breakfast supplies 89.50
Ck 4342 4th: Rocking Horse Ranch 100.00
Entertainment performance
Ck 4343 State of Ks. Street Bond 9,828.50
Ck 4344 Mike’s Mowing Service 177.55
Mower blades, spindle assembly
Ck 4345 Rural Water #1 48.98
Ck 4346 Atmos Energy 43.92
Ck 4347 Reimburse: J. Gilbert (postage) 6.44
Ck 4348 Clark Lumber (gas can) 18.99
Ck 4349 Karstetter & Bina 325.00
Fleckinger Case
Ck 4350 Agri-Mart (fuel) 375.03
Ck 4351 Agri-Producers (weed killer) 77.15
Ck 4352 Westar (Street lights) 288.74
Ck 4353 City of Herington 139.00
Spraying for mosquitoes
Ck 4354 4th: Hillsboro Free Press 170.63
Ck 4355 4th: Western Graphics 365.00
Run t-shirts
Ck 4356 Westar Energy (shed) 17.17
Ck 4357 Jeannie Goza (30 hrs mowing) 221.64
Ck 4358 Jess Gilbert (44.25 hrs clerk) 326.92
Ck 4359 Kathy Matkins (6 hrs treas) 44.32
Ck 4360 IRS (2nd quarter) 209.92
Total Expense 18,509.28
Balance as of July 2014 24,298.55
Investment Funds 5,000.00















Funds on Reserve
Reserve Fund: 4th of July 1,964.25 (tentative)
Reserve Fund: Park Improvement 398.58
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair 500.00
Reserve Fund: Youth Council 582.64

July 2014

Beginning Balance ` 48,417.44
Marion Co. Ad Valorem 2,851.17

Sewer Fees 357.00
California Sisters $40
Svoboda $120
Gilbert $10
Thompson $10
Thornhill $10
Leach $20
Madron $147
Total income 3,208.17
Balance Prior to Expense 51,625.61

Ck 4324 Westar 66.16
Ck 4328 U.S. Post office (certified bills) 60.00
Ck 4361 Don Beisel (inspection) 75.00
Ck 4362 Schwab-Eaton 240.00
Consultation on bidding procedure and forms
Ck 4363 State of Kansas bond payment 5,806.25
Ck 4364 Dave Staatz (1/2 yr payment) 138.52
Ck 4365 Inlow Plumbing (repair lift station) 401.00
Total Expense 6,786.93
Balance as of July 2014 44,838.68*
*Note: $30,000 minimum on reserve for sewer pond renovation

Beginning Balance 19,428.94
Total Income -0-
Balance Prior to Expense 19,428.94
Total Expense -0-
Balance as of July 2014 19,428.94
Investment Funds: 5,000.00