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City of Ramona

Council Minutes

January 12, 2015

Ramona City Hall

Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth

Council Present: Billy Alcorn,  Art Stroda, Pat Wick, AJ Svoboda, Jay Plank

Guests present: Rohani Alcorn

Staff present: Jessica Gilbert


The Minutes were read by the city clerk.

Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to accept the December 2014 meeting minutes as read by Jessica Gilbert.  Seconded by Councilor Wick.  Motion passed unanimously.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by the city clerk

Motion: Councilor Stroda moved to accept the bills presented for payment.  Seconded by Councilor Wick.  Motion passed unanimously.

Clerk’s Report

The State of Kansas notified the city of Ramona that the city property—land and City Hall—were granted tax exempt status.  Furthermore, because of recent legislation in 2014, the $400 fee for making application for exemption was no longer required when municipalities apply for exemption.  The Clerk also explained that Ck 4445 in the amount of $836.77 was returned from Marion County since no payment was required because the City filed paperwork for exemption prior to the due date for taxes. 

Jessica Gilbert asked Council if they wished to continue the practice of paying the city maintenance person twice annually (January and July) for daily inspections at the sewer lagoons.  She explained that this practice was instituted many years ago when Paul Jones would check the lagoons every day.  Gilbert wondered if Council wanted to change this system, since wages have been standardized to $8/hour, and because she was not certain if Dave Staatz was still the person doing the daily inspections, or if council members were inspecting the lagoons, since Dave has a full-time job.  Councilor Alcorn affirmed that Dave was still “point person” for the sewer and recommended we not change the compensation method, at this time.

Gilbert asked when the Christmas decorations would be removed from light poles so she could report to Westar.  Councilor Stroda said it would happen on the weekend.

Motion:  Councilor Alcorn moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Councilor Plank.  Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Gilbert, Clerk

City of Ramona

Treasurer’s Report: JANUARY 12, 2015


Beginning Balance 26,848.95 


State of Ks.-Retail tax860.89

Westar Franchise 155.75

Donation: Stroda, T35.00

Fines: Fleckinger800.00

Marion Road/Bridge36.56

Total Income1,888.20

Journal Entry 2015-1

Ck 4445 voided836.77 

Check was to Marion County Treasurer 

for property tax payment and since we filed

for exemption, we were not required to pay

Balance prior to Expense29,573.92


Ck 4446  Westar (Street Lights)290.76

Ck 4448  Judge K. Collett (court mileage)31.20

Ck 4449  Westar (city hall, park)72.26

Ck 4450  VOID

Ck 4452  Jeannie Goza (xmas party)55.41

Ck 4453  Atmos (city hall)84.31

Ck 4454  Rural Water #146.78

Ck 4455  Karstetter & Bina (Fleckinger)283.52

Ck 4456  League of Municipalities (dues)66.20

Ck 4457  KMIT (WC insurance)750.00

Ck 4458  Clark Lumber (maint supply)9.29

Ck 4459  State Treasurer (street bond)560.50

Ck 4460  Kathy Matkins (6 hrs treasurer)44.32

Ck 4461  Jessica Gilbert (23 hrs clerk)169.92

Total Expenses2,464.47

Balance as of January 201527,109.45

Investment Funds5,000.00

32,109.45 (available funds)

Funds on Reserve

Reserve Fund: 4th of July1,099.41

Reserve Fund: Park Improvement398.58

Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair500.00

Reserve Fund: Youth Council463.32

January 2015


Beginning Balance`6,057.36

Sewer Fees110.00Bailey, Nate $20

Bailey, Nate $20

California Sisters  $40

Gilbert $10

Thompson $10

Thornhill $10

Total income110.00

Balance Prior to Expense6,167.36


Ck 4447  US Post Office (stamps)49.00

Ck 4451  Westar59.74

Ck 4462  State of Kansas (water permit)185.00

Total Expense293.74

Balance as of January 20155,873.62

Investment funds:  none 


Beginning Balance1,744.10



Total Income-0-

Balance Prior to Expense1,744.10



Total Expense-0-

Balance as of January 20151,744.10

Investment Funds:5,000.00


26,744.10 (available funds) 



Financial Statement for January 2015 

Balance carried forward`$450.00 


Total Income0

Balance Prior to Expense450.00 



Total Expense-0-

Balance as of January 2015450.00