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City of Ramona

Council Minutes

April 13, 2015

Ramona City Hall


Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth

Council Present: Billy Alcorn, Art Stroda, AJ Svoboda, Pat Wick

Guests present:  Rohani Alcorn, Don Matkins, Ben Calvert, Jim Thompson

Staff present: Jessica Gilbert and Kathy Matkins


The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.



The Minutes were read by the city clerk.

Motion: Councilor Alcorn moved to accept the March 2015 meeting minutes as read by Jessica Gilbert. Seconded by Councilor Stroda. Motion passed unanimously.


The Treasurer’s Report was given by Kathy Matkins

Motion: Councilor Wick moved to accept the bills presented for payment.  Seconded by Councilor Alcorn.  Motion passed unanimously.


Mayor’s Report

Mayor Noeth confirmed that the election results were: Noeth for Mayor, Council members: Art Stroda, Ben Calvert, Amber Lopez, Jim Thompson and AJ Svoboda.  However, by directive from the Marion County Clerk, the swearing in of the new Council could not take place until the May meeting because the County Clerk would not be signing the Certification of the election until Tuesday morning (the day after Ramona’s city council meeting). This is why the existing Council would be serving for one extra meeting.


Mayor Noeth asked if the manhole behind Sean Sipes’s house had been checked.  Councilor Stroda said he would take responsibility for checking it. 


Clerk’s Report

Jessica Gilbert reported that Ramona Municipal Court will be meeting on May 18, 4:30pm regarding the Hill case and any other dog citations that have not been paid by the end of April.  


Gilbert said that Irene Beames’s son, Rusty, came—with an animal control officer—and removed the three remaining dogs in his mother’s home.  Jessica said there is one small black lab that is believed to be Irene’s dog, that’s loose here in town and so far no one has been able to catch it.  She suggested that if anyone can get the dog, to try and do so.


May 6 is the projected Centre School work bee here in Ramona.  Councilor Alcorn said he would be here in town to facilitate, even though he is retiring from City Council.  Billy has made arrangements for the dumpster for clean-up week.  Gilbert said it would arrive May 9 and be here until May 17.  She will be sending out a flyer to all city residents concerning the dumpster.


The next 4th of July planning meeting will be held at City Hall on Monday, May 4.  Jess asked Ben Calvert if he would serve on the committee to represent the Fire Department’s contributions to the event, and Jim Thompson was invited, as well.  Jess asked Billy Alcorn and Jim if they had a sense whether the Youth Council would be as involved on the 4th and Billy said he did not think they would be selling drinks this year.



Atmos Energy and Kansas One-call invited Ramona to issue a proclamation naming April to be National Safe Digging Month.


Motion:  Councilor Stroda moved to proclaim April 2015 as National Safe Digging Month in Ramona. (See exhibit A for the proclamation).  Seconded by Councilor Wick.  Motion passed unanimously.



Councilor Alcorn said that Maintenance person, Dave Staatz, has checked the generator at the lift station, and it’s working well.  He also mentioned that he and Dave were mowing the park this weekend, and find the city mower to be very frustrating because it consumes a lot of gas and is slow.  Alcorn said he would recommend a change and suggests the city invest in a zero-turn mower.


Mayor Noeth thanked the Council for serving these last two years.


Motion:  Councilor Wick moved to adjourn at 7:25pm; motion seconded by Councilor Alcorn.  Motion passed unanimously.





Jessica Gilbert, Clerk



Treasurer’s Report: April 13, 2015




Beginning Balance 35,515.13



State of Ks.-Retail tax805.72

Westar Franchise 194.17

Donation: Stroda35.00

Marion Co. Ad Valorem3,251.68

Marion Co. Road/Bridge36.57

Total Income4,323.14


Balance prior to Expense39,838.27



Ck 4489  Westar (March Street Lights)284.82

Ck 4490  US Post Office (2 rolls stamps)98.00

Ck 4491  Westar (city hall, park)68.66

Ck 4493  B. Alcorn (council compensation)90.00

Ck 4494  J. Plank (council compensation)45.00

Ck 4495  A. Svoboda (council compensation)52.50

Ck 4496  B. Noeth (council compensation)130.00

Ck 4497  A. Stroda (council compensation)97.50

Ck 4498  P. Wick (council compensation)90.00

Ck 4499  K. Matkins 106.67

      (Treasurer 6 hrs; 9 meeting attendance)

Ck 4500  J. Gilbert 319.07

    (Clerk 31 hrs; 13 meeting attendance)

Ck 4501  D Staatz184.24

                (Mowing 24 hrs; 1 meeting attendance)

Ck 4502  Atmos (city hall)72.08

Ck 4503  RWD #147.36

Ck 4504  Westar (April Street Lights)284.82

Ck 4505  IRS (1st quarter)96.08

Total Expenses2,066.80

Balance as of April 201537,771.47


Investment Funds5,000.00

42,771.47 (available funds)


Funds on Reserve

Reserve Fund: 4th of July1,099.41

Reserve Fund: Park Improvement398.58

Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair500.00

Reserve Fund: Youth Council463.32


April 2015



Beginning Balance`10,870.55


Marion Co. Ad Valorem                        1,723.67


Sewer Fees1,084.18

Bailey, N $20

California Sisters  $40

Leach $40

Thiel $60

Thompson $10

Thornhill $10

Recovered through Marion County:

Madron $184.18

Mercer (Brown) $430

Regehr (Radke) $290

Total income2,807.85

Balance Prior to Expense13,678.40



Ck 4492  Westar58.23

Total Expense58.23

Balance as of April 201513,620.17

Investment funds:  none




Beginning Balance2,880.67



Total Income-0-

Balance Prior to Expense2,880.67




Total Expense-0-

Balance as of April 20152,880.67


Investment Funds:25,000.00

27,880.67 (available funds)






Beginning Balance$450.00

No other activity