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City of Ramona

Council Minutes

May 11, 2015

Ramona City Hall


Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth

Council Present: Ben, Calvert, Amber Lopez, Art Stroda, AJ Svoboda, Jim Thompson

Guests present: Billy and Rohani Alcorn, Don Matkins, Rachel Mealor, and Ramona Youth Council officers: CJ Thompson, Caleb Alcorn

Staff present: Jessica Gilbert and Kathy Matkins, David Staatz, Jeannie Goza


The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.


Seaering In

The 2015-2017 City Council was sworn into office:  Byron Noeth as mayor, Ben Calvert, Amber Lopez, Jim Thompson, Art Stroda and AJ Svoboda as council members.



The Minutes were read by the city clerk.

Motion: Councilor Stroda moved to accept the April 2015 meeting minutes as read by Jessica Gilbert. Seconded by Councilor Lopez. Motion passed unanimously.


The Treasurer’s Report was given by Kathy Matkins; she also explained to new council members how the financial records are kept for city funds.


Motion: Councilor Calvert moved to accept the bills presented for payment.  Seconded by Councilor Svoboda.  Motion passed unanimously.


Council President appointed

Mayor Noeth said he had selected AJ Svoboda as Council President—which means Mr. Svoboda is also vice mayor and required to step into the mayoral duties should Mr. Noeth be unable to do so.


Motion:  Councilor Thompson moved to affirm Mayor Noeth’s appointment of AJ Svoboda as Council President.  Seconded by Councilor Stroda.  Motion passed unanimously.


Revision of Trash Ordinance

The Council reviewed the proposed Trash & Garbage Ordinance (#197) drafted by city attorney Brian Bina. After discussion, Council had a few questions they wanted the city clerk to convey to Mr. Bina.  The proposed ordinance and the comments are attached as exhibit A.


Local resident, Rachel Mealor, who recently received a letter concerning trash and garbage on her property, asked how the City had the right to tell her how to maintain her property.  Councilor Calvert replied that all cities have rules and regulations about upkeep and sanitation, and that this is what’s required if you choose to live within city limits.  Resident Jeannie Goza addressed Rachel directly, and expressed the displeasure that she and other residents felt last year when Rachel left town on the 4th of July—Ramona’s big annual event—and her main street property looked unsightly.  Other residents at the meeting added that they, too, were discouraged at the look of Ramona’s main street.


After the Council reviewed and discussed the proposed ordinance, they asked for the following comments to be sent to the City Attorney for his response:


Section 2 (c):  

Misspelled word: “thrown” should be “through” 

Council suggested monthly disposal rather than bi-weekly

Council wanted to be sure “lids” were required for containers


Section 2 (d):  

Council wanted to be sure there was general language about trash blowing around, in general—not just when it’s being transported.


Section 4:

When the council saw the penalties schedule they didn’t understand that, like the dog ordinance, someone has to be convicted of the first offense, before they move up the ladder of offenses. They’d like this explained more, in the ordinance—they suggested a definition of “offense.”


Section 4(c):

Council was concerned about this section being too severe, especially the language about each day being a separate violation.



Motion:  Councilor Thompson moved to table the passing of Ordinance 197 until the June meeting.  Seconded by Councilor Stroda.  Motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Noeth asked who of the Council Members would be willing to join him in being the enforcement persons for the trash ordinance, as well as Dog Officers—these persons would be authorized to issue citations for violations of Ord. 197 (Trash/garbage) and Ord. 196 (Dogs at large). In addition to the Mayor, Councilor Thompson and Billy Alcorn (who served in this capacity in the last administration) agreed to serve as ordinance officers.


Proclamation concerning fireworks

City Clerk Gilbert presented the proclamation concerning use of fireworks within city limits on the holiday weekend.  (Exhibit B)


Motion:  Councilor Calvert moved to approve the 4th of July proclamation which states that personal fireworks are permitted on personal property only, and only from July 4 until 1am on July 5th, and that personal fireworks are not to be ignited while the City display is happening, as requested by the Ramona Volunteer Fire Department.  Seconded by Councilor Lopez.  Motion passed unanimously.


Tornado Preparedness

Clerk Gilbert raised the issue of a city shelter since it’s become clear that the old Rosebank Church (offered by Jay Plank) is not an appropriate shelter for Ramona folks to get to, should there be a tornado threat.  Council briefly discussed an above-ground tornado shelter, and reviewed the households in town that have basements (Ricketts-Goza and Bailey on B Street, Noeth on First.) Councilor Calvert said he’d raise the topic at the next Fire Department meeting.  Clerk Gilbert said she’d follow-up with the Marion County Emergency Services Director, Randy Frank.



Sewer issue at 312 D

Mayor Noeth reported that Andrew Brown, 312 D, was seen throwing human waste into his back yard.  The Mayor contacted the Marion County Health Department and the Director, along with a County Sheriff, conducted an inspection of the home and discovered the sewer line was plugged. Mr. Brown was given 24 hours to fix the situation or the property would be condemned.  Councilor Stroda stepped up to help Andrew fix the broken pipe that connected him to the city sewer line.  Because he invested quite a bit of time, some Council members wondered if Councilor Stroda should be compensated by Mr. Brown.  Art told the Council there was no need to pay him.


Maintenance Report

David Staatz, city maintenance person, explained to Council that the City mower is no longer viable and the Council needs to purchase a new mower.  Mr. Alcorn, who served on the Council until recently, suggested a zero-turn mower, explaining that the savings alone, in personnel hours to mow the park, for example, would more than pay for the mower, over time. He estimated the savings would be over $1,000 a year.  


Mayor Noeth told Council he would investigate mowers and report back at the next meeting. He asked for requirements and Council agreed that a minimum 54” deck, 25 hp, 3-blade, zero turn mower, is preferred.


Youth Council

CJ Thompson reported that the Ramona Youth Council voted in their new officers:  CJ Thompson is Mayor, Caleb Alcorn, Janel Dones, Kaitlin Brunner are council members, Jennea Remmers is secretary and Josh Radke is the treasurer.  Billy and Rohani Alcorn will remain the Youth Council sponsors.


Motion:  Councilor Thompson moved to adjourn the meting at 8:25pm; seconded by Councilor Stroda.  Motion passed unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,





Jessica Gilbert, city clerk







Treasurer’s Report: May 11, 2015




Beginning Balance 37,771.47



State of Ks.-Retail tax797.64

Westar Franchise 193.79

Atmos Franchise152.49

Donation: Svoboda52.50

Reimbursement: Plank7.50

Dividend: KMIT*255.37

Total Income1,459.29

*Dividend paid for excellent Worker’s Comp status—no claims


Balance prior to Expense39,230.76



Ck 4506  Karstetter & Bina65.00  

Ck 4507  Westar (city hall, park)62.20

Ck 4509  Calif Sister (reimburse supplies)18.03

Ck 4510  Void

Ck 4511-4513 held for bills that come later

Ck 4514  Westar (May Street Lights)283.05

Ck 4515  RWD #149.55

Ck 4516  No. Agri Mart (34 gal fuel)77.60

Ck 4517  Agri-Producers (weed killer)77.15

Ck 4518  Mike’s Mower (mower repair)156.00

Ck 4519  Atmos Energy (city hall)48.57

Ck 4520  David Staatz (25 hrs maintenance)184.70

Ck 4521  Jess Gilbert (26 hrs clerk)192.08

Total Expenses1,213.93

Balance as of May 201538,016.83


Investment Funds5,000.00

43,016.83 (available funds)


Funds on Reserve

Reserve Fund: 4th of July1,099.41

Reserve Fund: Park Improvement398.58

Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair500.00

Reserve Fund: Youth Council463.32


May 2015



Beginning Balance`13,620.17


Sewer Fees330.00

Alcorn, $90

Bailey, N $20

Bailey, N $20

California Sisters  $40

Gilbert, $30

Radke $120

Thompson $10


Total income330.00

Balance Prior to Expense13,950.17



Ck 4508  Westar (lift station)53.30

Ck 4522  Don Beisel (inspections)75.00

Total Expense128.30

Balance as of May 201513,821.87

Investment funds:  none




Beginning Balance2,880.67



State of Kansas1,100.26

Total Income1,100.26

Balance Prior to Expense3,980.93




Total Expense-0-

Balance as of May 20153,980.93


Investment Funds:25,000.00

28,980.93 (available funds)






Financial Report for: May 11, 2015





Beginning Balance$450.00





Fines:  Radke101.00



Balance prior to Expense$551.00







CK 1001   Amanda Radke (overpayment of fine)1.00


Total Expense1.00


Balance as of May 2015$550.00







Note to Council: as instructed by the City Attorney, fines are deposited in a special Municipal Court account at Tampa State Bank, and kept separate from other City funds. Checks are rarely written from this account, except in the instance of someone overpaying. The expenses of the Judge and City Attorney (as they relate to the Court) are paid by the City’s General Fund.  When the City Attorney instructs the Clerk to do so, she transfers funds into the City’s General Fund.  (To date, this has not happened.)