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City of Ramona

Council Minutes

June 8, 2015

Ramona City Hall


Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth

Council Present: Ben Calvert, Amber Lopez, Art Stroda, AJ Svoboda, Jim Thompson

Guests present: City attorney, Brian Bina of McPherson,Billy and Rohani Alcorn, Don Matkins, Lorie Knott, and Ramona Youth Council representatives: CJ Thompson, Caleb Alcorn, Mathew Madron

Staff present: Jessica Gilbert, Kathy Matkins, Jeannie Goza


The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.



The Minutes were read by the city clerk.

Motion: Councilor Stroda moved to accept the May 2015 meeting minutes as read by Jessica Gilbert. Seconded by Councilor Svoboda. Motion passed unanimously.


The Treasurer’s Report was given by Kathy Matkins.

Motion: Councilor Stroda moved to accept the bills presented for payment.  Seconded by Councilor Thompson.  Motion passed unanimously.


Council President appointments

Mayor Noeth recommends appointees for the clerk, treasurer, city attorney and judge.


Motion:  Councilor Svoboda moved to affirm Mayor Noeth’s appointment of  Jessica Gilbert as City Clerk, Kathy Matkins as City Treasurer, Brian Bina as City Attorney and Keith Collett as Municipal Court Judge. Seconded by Councilor Stroda.  Motion passed unanimously.


Approval of City Trash Ordinance

City Attorney Brian Bina explained his role in city government as both attorney for the city and Prosecutor. He presented his latest draft of Ordinance 197, where he had addressed some of the issues raised by Council members at the last meeting.


Councilor Thompson was especially concerned about the section 4(c) where penalties for violation are addressed.  The language in this section gave the council too much power in Jim’s opinion, and he would be more comfortable if the timeline was a week between citations.  Bina explained that all cities have similar language because it gives the City Attorney the power to take action with violations that are severe and not addressed in a timely manner.  He also said that it is rare such actions are taken, but it his prosecutorial discretion, if necessary.  He further explained that by the time someone is issued a citation, it’s typical that they have received letters,  warnings, personal visits from council members, etc.  He ended by saying that if someone is abiding by the trash ordinance, there is nothing to fear.  These measures are activated only for extreme violations.


He reiterated that an “Offense” is when someone has been deemed guilty by verdict of the judge, or if they pay the fine, which is admission of violation.  


Motion: Councilor Svoboda moved to approve Ordinance 197.  Councilor Lopez seconded the motion.  Motion passed, 4 in favor and Councilor Thompson voting no.


The Control Officers for both the dog ordinance and the trash ordinance will be:  Mayor Noeth, Councilor Thompson and Billy Alcorn.


Attorney Bina asked the Clerk to send him a signed and attested copy of the ordinance and said his office would send an electronic copy of the ordinance to Marion County Record for publication.


The city attorney left the meeting at 7:30pm.


Clerk’s Report

Clerk Gilbert explained to new council members that since the City Building does not yet have an official Clerk’s Office, the city business is done at Gilbert’s personal office and that she and her sister have provided internet, phone, use of computers and printers, for nearly 15 years.  In exchange, the City purchases printer ink, paper and general office supplies used by the city.  


Gilbert explained that 30-day notices have been sent to all residents who have not paid their sewer bills for July 2014 through June 2015.  These notices must be sent Certified and the $6 for this is added to the resident’s sewer bill.  If payment is not received by June 30, the bill, along with a $20 service fee, is submitted to the Marion County Clerk and the amount due is attached to the person’s property tax roll. She said there are typically 10 or 11 families that consistently choose this method of payment of their $120/year sewer bill.  As to when the City gets payment—that depends on how long it takes for the resident to pay their tax bill; typically it’s a year or more until the City gets these fees.


Purchase of new city mower

Mayor Noeth presented his suggestions for an appropriate mower for the City.  Councilor Calvert said he saw heavy-duty mowers for less than the prices on the Mayor’s list at Tractor Supply in Salina.  The group agreed that a heavy-duty mower was required; they also agreed that buying it outright, rather than on credit, was best.


Motion:  Councilor Thompson moved to approve a $6,500 limit for Mayor Noeth and Councilor Calvert to purchase a new zero-turn mower for the City.  Seconded by Councilor Stroda.  Motion passed unanimously.


Ramona 4th of July

Because there are three new members to Council, Clerk Gilbert explained the 4th of July budget in more detail than usual. She said the event is primarily funded by donations that she solicits; the City’s contribution is $500 (a line-item in the City budget) along with printing and postage of the mailers that go to residents.  Council received a sample mailer that will go to everyone with a Ramona address next week.


Gilbert also explained that the City website is hosted at Marion County and that changes and updates for the site in general, including the 4th of July, are done by Kevin Ireland, consultant for Marion County’s website.



Recycling Proceeds

Councilor Stroda oversees the metal recycling when the City does town clean-up.  As a result, a check was written to the City for the metal.  Clerk Gilbert asked Council to authorize giving this to Councilor Stroda.


Motion:  Councilor Thompson moved to approve giving all recycling proceeds that are generated from the bi-annual City clean-up event, to Councilor Stroda for his efforts in facilitating this event.  Seconded by Councilor Lopez.  Motion passed unanimously.


Maintenance Issues

Mayor Noeth asked that the potholes on B Street be filled with small gravel.  Council also discussed getting gravel for the west end of 4th street from the pavement to the burn pile.


Motion: Councilor Thompson moved to approve Billy Alcorn purchasing two loads of gravel.  Seconded by Councilor Calvert.  Motion passed unanimously.


There was a question as to how the lots owned by Agri-Producers get mowed.  Consensus was that the City Maintenance person does it with the brush hog and then the Clerk bills Agri-Producers. All agreed that it needs to be done.


Billy Alcorn reported that the wooden jungle gym at the park might be unsafe. Council discussed if it should be “beefed up” or torn down.  Council told Alcorn and Councilor Stroda to confer and decide what should be done.


Alcorn said the Ramona Youth Council wanted to pay for repairs that need to be done at the basketball court. There was discussion on how to fix.  


Motion: Councilor Lopez moved to approve Councilor Calvert and Billy Alcorn to confer on the approach to take in repairing the city basketball court; with costs to be shared with the Youth Council.  Seconded by Councilor Stroda.  Motion passed unanimously.


Four Wheeler Time

Billy Alcorn summarized some of the 4-wheeler and mini-motorcycle activity going on in Ramona.  He said he called the Sheriff about the Radke boys; Jeannie Goza said she’d also called.  Mayor Noeth affirmed that calling the Sheriff was the correct approach.


Youth Council

CJ Thompson, Youth Mayor, said the Council plans to hold a dance in the park in early August, and that they’d like to make it a potluck and invite the community.


Motion:  Councilor Svoboda moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:25pm.  Seconded by Councilor Stroda.  Motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted


Jessica Gilbert, Clerk




Treasurer’s Report: June 8, 2015




Beginning Balance 38,016.83



State of Ks.-Retail tax836.41

Westar Franchise 134.00

Interest income9.92

4th: Throttle Jockey Club50.00

Total Income1,030.33


Balance prior to Expense39,047.16



Ck 4523  Jeannie Goza (May mowing)29.56  

Ck 4525  Kevin Ireland (website for 2014)200.00

    4th (2014):  $100

    Administrative for 2014 $100

Ck 4527  Westar (Park & City hall)61.94

Ck 4529  Karstetter & Bina (trash ord)225.00

Ck 4530  Atmos Energy (city hall)45.98

Ck 4531  Keith Collett (mileage May court)31.20 

Ck 4532  RWD #1 (park & city hall)47.36

Ck 4533  G&R Auto Parts9.29

Ck 4534  David Staatz (25 hrs maintenance)184.70

Ck 4536  Jeannie Goza (16.5 June mowing)121.91

Ck 4537  Jess Gilbert (49 hrs clerk)362.02

Total Expenses1,318.96

Balance as of June 201537,728.20


Investment Funds5,000.00

42,728.20 (available funds)


Funds on Reserve

Reserve Fund: 4th of July1,049.41

Reserve Fund: Park Improvement398.58

Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair500.00

Reserve Fund: Youth Council463.32


June 2015



Beginning Balance`13,821.87


Sewer Fees90.00

California Sisters  $40

Leach $20

Thornhill $20

Thompson $10

Total income90.00


Balance Prior to Expense13,911.87



Ck 4524  US Post Office (sewer certifieds)72.00

Ck 4526  US Post Office (2 rolls stamps)98.00

Ck 4528  Westar (lift station)57.16

Ck 4535  David Staatz (1/2 yr inspections)138.53

Ck 4538  Jess Gilbert (reimburse expense)110.94

    Postage $20.86

    Supplies (ink, paper, env)  $90.08

Total Expense476.63

Balance as of June 201513,435.24

Investment funds:  none




Beginning Balance3,980.93




Total Income-0-

Balance Prior to Expense3,980.93




Total Expense-0-

Balance as of June 20153,980.93


Investment Funds:25,000.00

28,980.93 (available funds)






Financial Report for: June 8, 2015





Beginning Balance$550.00





Marion County Sheriff (A. Brown)200.00



Balance prior to Expense$750.00









Total Expense-0-


Balance as of June 2015$750.00