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City of Ramona

Council Minutes

July 13, 2015

Ramona City Hall


Presiding: Mayor Byron Noeth

Council Present: Amber Lopez, Art Stroda, Jim Thompson

Guests present: Scot Loyd, CPA of McPherson, Billy & Rohani Alcorn, Don Matkins, CJ Thompson

Staff present: Jessica Gilbert, Kathy Matkins


The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.



The Minutes were read by the city clerk.

Motion: Councilor Stroda moved to accept the June 2015 meeting minutes, with one amendment that the person getting gravel on behalf of the City was Councilor Svoboda, not Billy Alcorn. Seconded by Councilor Lopez. Motion passed unanimously.


The Treasurer’s Report was given by Kathy Matkins.

Motion: Councilor Thompson moved to accept the bills presented for payment.  Seconded by Councilor Lopez.  Motion passed unanimously.


2016 Budget

Scot Loyd of Swindoll Janzen Hawk & Loyd of McPherson, the city’s accountancy firm, presented the 2016 budget for review.  Mr. Loyd explained the budget process and reviewed the line items with the Council.  The hearing for the final approval of the budget will be at the August meeting. Loyd explained that if any changes are made at that meeting, the whole budget process must begin again; costs would be in addition to the contract we have in place with his firm.


Motion: Councilor Stroda moved to keep the present mil levy of 112.836 in place for 2016.  Seconded by Councilor Thompson.  Motion passed unanimously.


Westar Issue

Westar is removing an electric light pole from behind Tatge Manufacturing, and since this has been on the city’s electric account (unbeknownst to the City staff), Westar wondered if the City would like the pole “re-planted” somewhere at the north end of town.  Council agreed that they did not want the pole placed anywhere else.


The City Clerk asked Council member to tell her if they see any street lights that are not working—she explained that Westar no longer sends out their crew person at night (once a year) to check the lights. Councilor Stroda asked the City Clerk to notify Westar that the light pole wet of the Park Shelter was not working.




811 Proclamation

Atmos Energy asked the City to join them in declaring August 11 as Damage Prevention Day by declaring a proclamation to that effect (Exhibit A).


Motion: Councilor Stroda moved to declare August 11 as Damage Prevention Day for the Call Before You Dig program.  Seconded by Councilor Lopez.  Motion Passed unanimously.


Note: Item #2 on the Agenda—Creek Bed Clean-up—did not get discussed since John Kasper (person working who asked about this and who is working on the old bank building) did not show up at the meeting.


Selling of old Mower

The City Clerk presented a request from Bobby Thornhill who wanted to buy the old city mower for $100.  This item was tabled until the next meeting.


Sewer Inspection Report

Don Beisel, the official inspector for the City sewage system, recently inspected the lift stations and found the west pump tripped off and on overload. Also the Reset Breaker alarm was not working.  He notified Councilor Stroda, and Art and Dave Staatz repaired it. 


Other Business

City Clerk presented a request that she received from Fern Leach to ask Council for assistance in handling the excessive noise that’s happening next door at the Mealor/Jahnke household because they have no electricity and are running generators night and day. Fern said she’d spoken to them, but was getting no relief and was finding it hard to sleep.  Council suggested Rachel and Kirby could move their generator to the north side of their dwelling so it’s not so close to Fern’s residence.  Councilor Thompson said he’d speak with all parties concerned.


Council agreed that a solution needs to be found about the water hydrant at the City Park. The water bill was higher than normal this month.  Councilor Stroda said he’d come up with a solution for closing down the hydrant but keeping the water on so that the kids could still use the water fountain.


Don Matkins verbally made a complaint about four horses—purportedly owned the Rains family—that are in the field owned by Tatge Manufacturing Inc. The field is not four acres, which is required by city ordinance. Although there has been no deed change from Tatge Mf., the City Clerk was aware that the person supposedly buying the property is Billy Smith of Abilene, and that Mr. Smith may not be aware of City Ordinances. This item was turned over to the Mayor.


Clerk Gilbert reported that TCT will put in a phone line at City Hall and include internet connection for free.  The duct work for the heating/ac unit, that the Alcorns donated, needs to be completed, as well, before a Clerk’s office can be created at City Hall.  The Clerk said she’d get 3 bids (KVK, Herington Heating and Bruce Ballard).


Motion: Councilor Thompson moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:40pm; seconded by Councilor Stroda. Motion passed unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,



Jessica Gilbert, city Clerk







Treasurer’s Report: July 13, 2015




Beginning Balance 37,728.20



State of Ks.-Retail tax874.50

Marion Co. Ad Valorem4,837.31

Westar Franchise 127.16

Marion Co. Road & Bridge36.56

Journal Entry 2015-22,000.00*

4th: Donations4,115.00

  Stroda Farm  $400

  Tampa Bank $350

  Agri Producers $100

  TCT $300

  Central Bank $50

  Carlsons’ Grocery $50

  Junior Hanschu  $100

  Mike’s Mowers $100

  Stroda & McClure $100

  Family Shoe Repair $100

  Billy Alcorn $35

  1st National Bank $50

  R. Moore $50

  D.Moore $10

  DC Trucking (Smith) $300

  1st Choice Meats $100

  No Central Ks Co-op $150

  Clark Lumber  $100

  Cow Camp  $350

  1st National Bank $200

  Atmos  $100

  Subway $50

  Ryff, D  $20

  Tri-County Chamber $100

  Deines Farms $350

  Marion Co. Econ Develop $500

4th: Event Income1,172.70

  Ice Cream sales $223

  Redneck Run $632

  Breakfast $305.70

  Shirt sales  $12   

Youth Council 196.25

  50/50 drawing  $147.25

  Drink sales  $49.00   

Reimbursed expense360.00

  Funds re-deposited from Ck 4554 (July 4 cash)

Total Income13,719.48


*Transfer of funds from Sewer Fund to pay for 1/3of the new city mower


Balance prior to Expense51,447.68



Ck 4539   4th: Kevin Ireland (website 2015)150.00

Ck 4540   Westar Emergy (street lights)283.05

Ck 4541   No. Agri mart (fuel)127.02

Ck 4542   Office Max (yearly supplies)204.64

Ck 4543   Christner Salvage (dumpster)200.00

Ck 4544   Tractor Supply (new mower)5099.98

Ck 4545   Office Max (printer ink)89.65

Ck 4546   US Post Office (roll of stamps)49.00

Ck 4547   Westar (park/city bldg)61.47

Ck 4549   State of Ks. (Street bond)9,563.00

Ck 4550   4th: USD 487 (breakfast supply)114.74

Ck 4551   4th: Tractor pull392.00

Ck 4552   4th: Clearview Band550.00

Ck 4553   4th: Copy Co (lawn art banner)25.90

Ck 4554   4th: cash (prize/cash box)1620.00*

    *$360 redeposited after event

Ck 4555   Jess Gilbert (reimbursed)108.52

    4th supplies  20.77

    City hall supplies 69.75

    Postage: 18.00

Ck 4556   4th: Free press (ads)240.75

Ck 4557   CNH (weed eater string)34.99

Ck 4558   4th: J. Gilbert (reimbursed)113.40

      Oriental Trading(decorations)

Ck 4559   4th: Heartland Foods (ice cream)144.67

Ck 4560   4th: Wald Co (fireworks)1545.66

Ck 4562   Atmos Energy (city bldg)45.04

Ck 4563   Jeannie Goza (29 hrs mowing)214.26

Ck 4564   Jess Gilbert (48 hrs clerk)354.62

Ck 4565   4th: Baker Bros (printing)141.40

Ck 4566   API (weed killer)53.75

Ck 4567   Clark Lumber (repair @ b-ball court)74.61

Ck 4568   RWD #1113.46

Ck 4569   4th: Western Graphic (shirts)289.25

Ck 4570   4th: Western Graphic (shirts)30.00

Total Expenses22,034.83

Balance as of July 201529,412.85


Investment Funds5,000.00

34,412.85 (available funds)



Funds on Reserve

Reserve Fund: 4th of July (Approx $700 outstanding bills still to be paid)1,818.57

Reserve Fund: Park Improvement398.58

Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair500.00

Reserve Fund: Youth Council659.57

July 2015



Beginning Balance`13,435.24


Marion County Ad Valorem2,577.72


Sewer Fees526.00

Bailey, N  $20

California Sisters  $40

Gilbert $20

Hill $132

*McDermott $116

*Staatz $58

Thornhill $10

Thompson $10

Wick $60

Williams $60


*Delinquent—collected through Marion Co


Total income3,103.72


Balance Prior to Expense16,538.96



Journal Entry 2015-2  (1/3 city mower)2,000.00

Ck 4548  Westar (lift station, high usage)101.81

Ck 4561  Don Beisel (inspection)75.00


Total Expense2,176.81


Balance as of July 201514,362.15

Investment funds:  none




Beginning Balance3,980.93




Total Income-0-

Balance Prior to Expense3,980.93




Total Expense-0-

Balance as of July 20153,980.93


Investment Funds:25,000.00

28,980.93 (available funds)






Financial Report for: July 13, 2015





Beginning Balance$750.00





Andrew Brown (citation)50.00

Darren Hill (citation)100.00


Total income150.00


Balance prior to Expense$900.00









Total Expense-0-


Balance as of July 2015$900.00