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prairie roots

As I've worked on this website for the past several months, I've had the privilege of learning about the families and history of Ramona, Kansas.  This site is a testament to the work of past generations and the foresite of those who preserved their stories in words and pictures.  Seeing these old pictures and reading the stories of the families that settled in this part of Kansas gave me a renewed appreciation of the ingenuity, tenacity and love evident in this small town.  This sense of community has sustained Ramona for over one hundred years.  May it continue for the next one hundred.

Like the tall grass on the prairie, the roots run deep in Ramona.  And, like the native plants, too often we only admire that which can be seen growing from season to season.  We fail to see that which is below the surface, those roots intertwined, that sustain and nourish the prairie through drought, flood and fires.  The photos and stories on this site are the work of lots of different folks that have preserved this history in order that others may see the roots of Ramona, the lives and accomplishments of a small town on the Kansas prairie.

I hope that as you remember Ramona's past you will be inspired toward the future.  Small town communities such as these are precious.