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Ramona is a community of 120+ residents, tucked away in north central Marion County, near the Marion-Dickinson county line.  The town is just off the beaten path of the Santa Fe Trail, and on the distant edge of the scenic Flint Hills.  Surrounded by farm land, Ramona is six miles west off of Highway 77.  There’s a Model-T truck on 360th to point the way. (picture below).  The nearest large towns are Herington (12 miles northeast) and Hope (7 miles north).

ramona truckRamona is a quiet rural community with only five streets, and not a stoplight to be found!  Not much traffic either, except on Memorial Day and the 4th of July.  That’s why we say that in Ramona “a traffic jam is two parked cars and a dog in the road,” and even the dog in the road is rare these days, because folks are pretty good at keeping their dogs at home.

Ramona is an excellent community for families as well as elder citizens, who appreciate a quiet, and supportive community.