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City of Ramona
Box 84, Ramona, KS  67475
Ordinance No. 182

Be it ordained by the Governing Body of the City of  Ramona, Kansas:

Section 1.  That commencing on October 1, 2004, and thereafter, there shall be made a charge of $6.00 per month or any  portion thereof for the use of the City Sewage Disposal System to be paid by the owners of property connected to the system.  

Amended 6-12-06
Section 1: That commencing October 1, 2006, and thereafter, there shall be made a charge of $10 per month, or any portion thereof, for the use of the City Sewage Disposal System to be paid by the owners of property connected to the system.

Section 2.  The sewer charge provided for herein shall be payable semi-annually on the 30th day  of April and the 31st day of October of each year beginning October 31, 2004.  All payments shall be made to the City Clerk.  The City Clerk shall notify each recipient of  sewer service of the amount due on his service as the service charge becomes payable.

Section 3.  In the  event that any person, firm  or  corporation using the City Sewage Disposal System neglects, fails or  refuses to pay the  charges fixed herein, said charges shall be by the City Clerk, certified to the Country Clerk of Marion County,  Kansas, to be placed on the tax  roll for collection subject  to the  same penalties and collected in like manner as other taxes are by law collectible and shall become a lien upon the  real property served  by the sewer connection.

Section 4.  The revenue derived from the charges for the use of the City Sewage Disposal System as provided for  herein, shall be placed in the City Treasury and kept  in a separate fund and shall  be paid out  and distributed as follows:

    First:  To pay for the operation, maintenance and renewal of the sewage disposal system of Ramona.

    Second.  To pay for the  salaries of employees engaged in operating said sewage disposal  system.

Section 5.  That this ordinance shall be in full force  and take affect on and after October 1, 2004, and its publication once in the  Marion County Record, the official newspaper of the City of  Ramona, Kansas.

Amended 6-24-10
SECTION 6. Any uninhabited, defunct dwelling or structure within city limits, which is without utilities (electricity, water, gas), is exempt from sewer fees, upon notifying the City Clerk.  If a dwelling or building, which has been inhabited since 2004 (when the sewer ordinance was enacted), wishes to disconnect from the City Sewer, that person, firm or corporation, may cap the sewer line on their property, and have it verified that it is no longer in use, by the City Maintenance person.

SECTION 7: If, in the future, a person, firm or corporation, that has capped a sewer line, wishes to reconnect to the Ramona sewer line, they must fill out a Sewer Connection Form with the City Clerk, pay a fee of $25 for reconnection and inspection by the City of Ramona Maintenance personnel.

                        Signed: Mayor Pat Wick

Attested:  Clerk, Jessica Gilbert

                                  Pat Wick, Mayor

ATTEST: J. Gilbert, Clerk

First Published in the Marion County Record                                                                                                             September 8, 2004

Passed and approved this 20th day of July, 2004.

Amended June 12, 2006
Amended June 14, 2010

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