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Ramona has its own sewer system and all buildings within city limits must be connected to the sewer system, unless buildings are not in use and the sewer has been capped (and capping has been approved by City Council).  The city’s sewer ponds are located northeast of Ramona on Quail Creek Rd.
Existing residence:  $10/month, paid twice a year in April & October (the City Clerk issues a bill). You also have the option to pay once a year in October or pay monthly. If you’re just moving into a residence, the sewer fees begin the month you move in. (The only exception to this is if there are delinquent sewer fees on a property—the new owner is responsible for all unpaid sewer fees.)

New construction:  $25 fee for hook-up, and a $500 deposit is given to the City of Ramona and held until you have a plumber hook up your sewer.  If there are no damages to the city system, the  $500 check is returned.  Thereafter, the $10/month fee applies.


Westar Energy

New construction:  Call Doris at 785-822-3534 to set up new service.

Existing residence:  1-800-383-1183 to get new service set up

Power outage:  call 1-800-383-1183


Atmos Energy
For new construction or simply changing accounts, call 888-442-1313.


Rural Water District #1
785-965-7264 or 965-7265  

Fees: around $18-20 per month

New hook-up: When the water system was put into place in Ramona in 1995, residents were given the option to hook into rural water for a nominal fee.  For those who opted not to get rural water at that time, but now wish to hook into the system, the hook-up fee is between $1,200 and $1,500 and homeowner pays any costs associated with getting the water lines dug and reaching the residence.


M&K Trash
Mike & Karen Walsh, owners
Fees: $12/month for weekly service
Note: City Ordinance #169 requires all residences to have regular garbage removal service.


Tri-County Telephone
PO Box 299
1568 South 1000 Road
Council Grove, KS 66846


1-800-DIG SAFE (1-800-344-7233) Kansas One Call
City of Ramona: Art Stroda 785-366-3618.

Note: The City of Ramona opted out of the Kansas One Call system (Ramona Ordinance 194) for locating city sewer lines, and this is why you need to call Art Stroda, who will indicate where city sewer lines are located.

City Forms