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City of Ramona
Council Minutes for January 9, 2012
Ramona Senior Center
Presiding: Mayor Brendan Bailey

Council Present: Art Stroda, Jayme Brunner, Byron Noeth

Staff present: Fern Leach, Jessica Gilbert, David Staatz

Others in attendance: Billy & Rohani Alcorn

The meeting was called to order by the mayor at 7:00pm.

The City Clerk read the minutes for the December meeting.

Motion:  Art Stroda moved to approve the December 2011 minutes as read.  Jayme Brunner seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Fern Leach presented the bills for payment.

Motion:  Byron Noeth moved to accept the treasurer’s report; seconded by Jayme Brunner. Motion passed unanimously.

City Attorney
The City Clerk reported that the current city attorney, Lori Lalouette, has be unable to carry out the city’s business due to illness, computer problems, and lack of staff.  Gilbert said she asked Keith Collett, Marion attorney, for recommendations.

Motion: Jayme Brunner moved to authorize the city clerk to pursue finding other candidates for city attorney.  Art Stroda seconded the motion.  Passed unanimously.

Bill Alcorn suggested checking on retired attorneys who would still have their license.

David Staatz thanked Councilman Stroda for helping get the city tractor operating again, and assisting in moving the surveillance camera in the park.

David confirmed that the tar machine, owned by the City of Herington, will indeed be available for him to use in filling cracks on city streets.

Filling the Council Vacancy
Mayor Brendan Bailey presented his candidate—Bill Alcorn—for filling the council member vacancy left by Jeannie Goza’s resignation.

Motion: Jayme Brunner moved to appoint Bill Alcorn to complete the city council term, left vacant by Jeannie Goza.  Seconded by Art Stroda. Motion passed (Stroda and Brunner in favor; Noeth, opposed).

Fire Department Complains
Mayor Bailey summarized the complaints he has received in recent months about fire department vehicles being driven around town and the drivers using the sirens and microphones. Bailey said that since the fire department is regulated by Marion County these complaints should be directed there, or to the fire chief, Alan Bentz.

January 2012

Snow Removal
David Staatz verified that the city tractor is ready to use for snow removal.  Art Stroda said he would contact Kenny Stroda to verify that he would be available to assist, should a record amount of snow arrive.

City Website
Jessica Gilbert said she was ready to begin work on the city website, and Marion County Economic Development Director, Teresa Huffman, said she was willing to pay her web designer to create the site, if the City of Ramona was dedicated to paying the approximate $200 per year to maintain it.

Jayme Brunner suggested the city have a fundraiser for this purpose; Gilbert said she was also contacting businesses to see if they’d pay an annual fee to have a link to the Ramona site, and this would provide income.

Motion:  Art Stroda moved to proceed with the creation of the city website, committing $200 to annual maintenance.  Seconded by Jayme Brunner.  Motion passed unanimously.

Motion: Jayme Brunner moved to adjourn the meting at 7:40pm.  Motion passed unanimously.

Jessica Gilbert
City Clerk


City of Ramona
January 9, 2012

General Account:
Beginning Balance             7,846.97
    State of Ks.-Retail tax    843.36
    Westar Franchise     119.75
    Senior Center    20.00
        Knights of Columbus
    Marion Co. Road & Bridge    36.56
Total Income        1019.67

Balance prior to expense        8,866.64

    Westar (park, sr. ctr, shop)    72.39
    Atmos Energy    94.99
    St of Kansas (street bond)    1,282.00
    KMIT (WC Insurance)    750.00
    Rural Water (park, sr. ctr)    44.18
    Clark Lumber    35.85
    Cardie Oil  (battery)    57.36    
    Jessica Gilbert (clerk)    120.06
    David Staatz (maint)    62.35
Total Expense        2,519.18
Ending Balance as of January 2012    6,347.46

Investment @ Edward Jones        5,000.00

Reserve Funds
Reserve Fund:  Park Improvement ($600 drinking fountain)    876.32
Reserve Fund: Siren    1,000.00
Reserve Fund: 4th of July    1416.43
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair    500.00
Reserve Fund: Events    85.00

January 2012

Sewer  Fund:    
Beginning Balance        `    19,139.98
    Sewer Fees    190.00
    Weber/Stinchcomb $150
    Thornhill $10
    Thompson $10
    Bailey, N. $20    
2010-2011     $120
2011-2012     $70

Total Income        190.00

Balance Prior to Expense        19,329.98

    Westar Energy    50.67
    Hoch Pub (ordinance)    160.00
    State of Ks (water permit)    185.00
    David Staatz    138.53
    Don Beisel    75.00

Total Expense        609.20        
Balance for January 2012        18,720.78

Investment CD with Edward Jones        10,000.00

Highway Fund:

Beginning Balance            8,022.80
Total Income        -0-    
Balance Prior to Expense        8,022.80
Total Expense        -0-

Ending January 2012            8,022.80
Investment CD with Edward Jones        5,000.00