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  • centennial mainstreet
    centennial mainstreet
  • Ramona Sign
    Ramona Sign
  • mainstreet 1887
    mainstreet 1887

Ramona in 1987 was quiet and tranquil; notice the gravel roads. That’s Jake Brunner driving north on main street in his Chevrolet “fishin’ car.”


centennial_president_sm.jpgAfter 25 years, the records of who served on the committee are sometimes “sketchy.” So if you’re reading this and were a committee member, but don’t see your name listed below, please let us know.

President: Henry “Hank” Schubert
Treasurer: Greg Stenzel
Secretary: Darlene Sondergard
Members: Paula Fike, Warren Fike, Irene Klover, Donita Ryff, Betty Ohm, Dick Bowman, Barb Hanschu






  • Rev. Edgar Danistchek of Omaha, NE, spoke at the Memorial Day Service
  • The BBQ dinner was at 11am costing $3 per person
  • Alexander “Alex” Brunner (91) and Rose Bura (87) were the parade king and queen
  • A “Centennial Station” postal stamp
  • A quilt drawing was held; the quilt was made by the Ramona Senior Citizens group
  • Air Force “fly over”
  • The Centennial parade, with a dance later in the evening
  • Volleyball tournament in the park
  • Historical artifacts and pictures in the building where Strickler’s store once stood




centennial_sign_sm.jpgcentennial_sign_sm.jpgProceeds from centennial souvenirs left a legacy that is still being enjoyed by the community:

  • Built the Park Shelter House in 1988
  • Purchased “Welcome to Ramona” signs
  • Created the annual tradition of the Memorial Day picnic in the park




Centennial pictures provided by Keith Schubert, son of Henry and Gertie Schubert.  Click a picture to see a larger image and slide show.

Centennial Gallery

  • Centennial crowd The magnitude of the crowd has not been seen before, or after. Some estimate there were 3,000 or more. Folks were gesturing skyward—probably at the Air Force “fly over.”
  • Cover of Centennial Book Dale and Leona Sondergard of Hemet, California, compiled the centennial record—A Century of Memories, the Ramona Story. The facts and stories from this book have been vital in recreating the narrative of Ramona’s history for this website.
  • Centennial Buckle Local resident, Dennis Gentemen designed the Centennial logo, which was used for belt buckles, bells, plates, hats, shirts, cups, pitchers and other souvenirs.
  • Gertrude Schubert's parade entry Gertie Schubert’s parade entry reflects her life-long passion and career—teaching, The kids on the float were her grandkids, Micah and Kimberly Schubert, along with Ryan, Josh and Tyler Fike, and Amy and Jill Brunner.
  • Miller building - Centennial museum The building where the historical displays were held. Gertrude Schubert organized the historical photographs, and years later, passed along the pictures to her nieces, Pat Wick and Jessica Gilbert, and these images have been included in the historical narrative of this website.
  • Popsicles For Micah and Kimberly Schubert of Colorado, Ramona was a second home; they came every summer to spend time with their grandparents, Hank and Gertie Schubert.
  • Parade crowd
  • Antique Car
  • Parade Hearse


picnic_sm.jpgThe centennial committee renamed themselves The Ramona Improvement Committee, and continue to contribute to the community by funding and organizing the annual Memorial Day picnic in the park.