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City of Ramona
Council Minutes
April 9, 2012
Ramona City Building

Presiding: Vice Mayor Byron Noeth

Council Present: AJ Svoboda, Art Stroda, Jayme Brunner, Bill Alcorn

Staff present: Fern Leach, Jessica Gilbert, David Staatz,

Others in attendance: Rohani Alcorn, Ramona Youth Council members Terren Thompson, Cassy Thomson, CJ Thompson, Josh Mercer, Nathan Young, Jennea Remmers, Dallen Thompson.

The meeting was called to order by the vice mayor at 7:00pm.


Motion:  AJ Svoboda moved to approve the March 2012 minutes as read.  Jayme Brunner seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion:  Art Stroda moved to accept the treasurer’s report; motion seconded by Bill Alcorn, and passed unanimously.

Motion: AJ Svoboda moved to approve the amended treasurer’s report for March 2012. Seconded by Bill Alcorn. Pass unanimously.

Youth Council
Councilman Alcorn said he was proud of the young people who are involved in the newly formed Youth Council.  Bill said he was mowing the park recently and needed help cleaning things up so he could mow properly, so he called Terren Thompson, the Youth Council Mayor, and Terren got a group of kids together who came and cleaned the park.  

Terren Thompson outlined some of the future activities planned by the Youth Council. He said they planned on holding a dance, with Dave Staatz providing the music. In conjunction with the event, they’re planning on having a town clean-up event, and for every young person who helps, they get into the dance for free.

Terren said they would like the basketball court lights to be installed, and pledge to help keep a drinking fountain safe, when it’s installed at the park.

City Council discussed what was needed to get the lights installed at the court. David Staatz said he would check on getting a switch so lights are on a timer.  Bill Alcorn said he’d provide the bucket truck and Art Stroda the wiring.

EMT Rescue Knives
This issue was tabled.

Maintenance Report
David Staatz informed Council that the back-up generator for the list station is needing to be repaired.  He said that he can no longer find parts for the existing generator.  He explained that the problem is one of dependability, since the generator will start some times, but fail to start on other occasions.  Since the sewer station is so vital, the Council approved David and Art to look into getting a generator from Government Surplus.  Dave said he’d get a print-out of available generators and place one on hold.

Motion: Art Stroda moved to approve Dave Staatz be authorized to purchase the generator from Government Surplus, providing it meets specifications.  Seconded by AJ Svoboda.  Passed unanimously.

Lalouette Law Billing
City Clerk Gilbert presented a bill from Lalouette Law for an additional $500 for supposed work she did on behalf of the city.  The City Council approved the City Clerk writing Ms. Lalouette concerning the appropriateness of her billing, since she accomplished so little on behalf of the city.

Motion: Jayme Brunner moved to approve the city clerk to discuss the bill from the previous city attorney and reported back to the Council.  Motion seconded by Art Stroda, and passed unanimously.  

Legal Case
7:45pm City Council went into Executive Session to discuss legal case

8:00 pm City Council reconvened

Motion: Bill Alcorn moved to approve City Attorney Brian Bina’s legal action to bring In-direct Contempt of Court charges for non-payment of fines and court fees, and asking for a Date Certain, in the matter of City of Ramona vs. Marvin Rains, and City of Ramona vs. William Bell.  Seconded by AJ Svoboda. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion: Bill Alcorn moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded, and passed unanimously.

Jessica Gilbert, City Clerk

City of Ramona
Treasurer’s Report: April 9, 2012

General Account:
Beginning Balance             13,298.08
    State of Ks.-Retail tax    900.17
    Westar Franchise     157.19
    Marion Co. Ad Valorem    1,871.39
    Road & Bridge    36.57
Total Income        2,965.32

Balance prior to expense            16,263.40

    Westar (shop, park, sr. ctr)    67.54
    Westar (street lights)    247.39
    Rural Water (park, sr. ctr)    42.28
    Clark Lumber    71.07
    Atmos (sr. ctr)    61.94
    Dave Staatz (maintenance)    169.83
    Jess Gilbert (clerk)    398.63
    IRS (1st qtr 2012)    185.10
    Council Compensation:    557.50
        Alcorn 15.00
        Goza 60.00
        Brunner 97.50
        Noeth 100.00
        Svoboda 67.50
        Stroda 97.50
        Bailey 120.00
    Dave Staatz (meeting compenstion)    42.46
    Fern Leach (annual salary + meeting comp)    127.38
    Jess Gilbert (meeting compensation)    84.92

Total Expense        2,056.04        

Ending Balance as of April 2012            14,207.36

Investment @ Edward Jones            5,000.00

Reserve Funds
Reserve Fund:  Park Improvement ($600 drinking fountain)    876.32
Reserve Fund: Siren    1,000.00
Reserve Fund: 4th of July    1416.43
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair    500.00

April 2012

Sewer  Fund:    
Beginning Balance        `    22,774.35
    Marion Co. Ad Valorem    981.82
    Sewer Fees    430.00
    Thompson $10
    Thornhill $10
    Polston $60
    Gilbert $30
    Bailey, Nate $40
    Madron $280    
    2011-2012     $150
    2008-2009      $280

Total Income        1,411.82

Balance Prior to Expense            24,186.17

    Westar Energy    49.55
    Office Max (supplies)    92.45
    City of Tampa (Beisel)    159.00

Total Expense        301.00

Balance for April 2012            23,885.17

Investment CD with Edward Jones            10,000.00

Highway Fund:

Beginning Balance            9,248.31
Total Income        -0-
Balance Prior to Expense            9,248.31
    Marion Co. (stop signs)    150.00
Total Expense        150.00

Ending April 2012            9,098.31
Investment CD with Edward Jones            5,000.00