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City of Ramona
Council Minutes
May 14, 2012
Ramona City Building

Presiding: Mayor Bailey

Council Present: AJ Svoboda, Art Stroda, Byron Noeth, Bill Alcorn

Staff present: Jessica Gilbert

Others in attendance: City Attorney, Brian Bina, Rohani Alcorn, Pat Wick, Alan Bentz, Jeannie Goza, Jim Thompson, Connie Smith, Don and Kathy Matkins, Rachel Mealor, Collin Bailey, Ramona Youth Council members Terren Thompson, Cassy Thomson, CJ Thompson, Jennea Remmers, Ronnie Carpenter, Janel Dones, Dallen Thompson.

The meeting was called to order by the mayor at 7:00pm.


Motion:  Art Stroda moved to approve the April 2012 minutes as read.  AJ Svoboda seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion:  Byron Noeth moved to accept the treasurer’s report; motion seconded by Bill Alcorn, and passed unanimously.

Mayor’s Report
Mayor Bailey reported that the Youth Council is doing well. The group has planned a town clean-up event on May 24 and a Dance/potluck on Saturday, May 26. He thanked all the adults for donating food to the kids’ potluck.

The Mayor congratulated Art Stroda on the refurbished street signs.

Bill Alcorn added that he purchased the water fountain for the park and that he and Art Stroda would be finishing the lighting at the basketball court this week.

Maintenance Report
In absence of Dave Staatz, Art Stroda reported that the generator at the sewer lift station worked the last time Don Beisel checked it.  Beisel also said the city could get by on a smaller generator, if need be.

Commissioner’s Report
Commissioner Holub asked to speak to the group.  He mentioned that he’d gotten word that the Post Office closures have been put on hold until September of 2014.  And that in two years it was likely that the hours of the post office would be reduced, rather than closing the facility entirely.  Kathy Matkins, Ramona Postmaster, confirmed this report.

Holub said that Quail Creek Road, south of Ramona, would be getting work done on it, in preparation for resurfacing, which will probably happen in 2013.  He said the road from Tampa to Quail Creek will be asphalted after harvest is over.  

Recycling was mentioned; Holub said that the present system of a recycling bin in each town, has not proven to be efficient.  The bin will be here through July. He said a system for collecting recycling after July has not been set in place yet.

Clerk’s Report
Clerk Gilbert said she sent a letter to former city attorney Lori Lalouette questioning some of the charges on a bill that was sent in February.  Gilbert asked the council what they wanted to do. The council said to take no further action; the council will wait until Lalouette replies.

The Clerk said the check for $20,000 had arrived from Edward Jones—these funds had been invested by the company. There was also interest income of $85 and those funds would go to the 4th of July fund—a policy set in place when the investments were made originally, stating that interest income would go toward the fireworks fund.

City Investments
The council decided how to invest the $20,000 that was returned to the City from Edward Jones. The investments were terminated with Edward Jones because of State regulations on how cities are allowed to invest dormant funds.  The city is allowed to invest in CD’s with Tampa State Bank.

Motion: AJ Svoboda moved to authorize the city clerk to invest $40,000 ($20,000 that had been previously invested with Edward Jones, and $20,000 from the current Sewer Fund) in CD’s with Tampa State Bank. The money will be invested as follows: $30,000 Sewer funds for 2 years, $5,000 Highway money for 6 months, $5,000 General funds for 1 year.  Seconded by Byron Noeth.  Passed unanimously.

4th July
Byron Noeth and Jessica Gilbert outlined the 4th of July activities and the budget for the event.

Motion:  AJ Svoboda moved to transfer $500 from the general fund to the 4th of July reserve fund for the 4th of July event.  Seconded by Art Stroda.  Passed unanimously.

Motion:  Byron Noeth moved to pass the 4th of July Proclamation (Exhibit A), setting forth guidelines for fireworks within city limits.  Seconded by AJ Svoboda.  Passed unanimously.

Youth Council
Terren Thompson, Youth Council Mayor, explained that the kids who help with town clean-up on May 24, will get into the dance and basketball game for free on May 26.  He said that David Staatz was providing music for the dance.  Dallen Thompson added that if people had food for the potluck, they could drop it at the Thompson house or at the park at 5pm.  

The young people at the meeting expressed appreciation for the newly installed water fountain at the park.

Executive Session
Motion: Bill Alcorn moved to go into executive session for 30 minutes, with city Attorney Brian Bina, to discuss the Rains/Bell case (Ord. 189), which was concluded by Attorney Bina in a meeting with Rains and the City Mayor on May 3. Seconded by Art Stroda. Motion passed unanimously.

8:15pm Council reconvened into regular session.

Motion: AJ Svoboda moved to go back into executive session for another 30 minutes. Seconded  by Byron Noeth.  Motion passed unanimously.

8:45pm  City Council reconvened into regular session.  No action taken, no report given.

Pat Wick asked why the Council was not giving the audience a report of the conclusion of the Rains/Bell case, since it was resolved outside of Ramona Municipal Court.  The Mayor said no report would be given. The City Attorney added that a report was not required, and that he would be willing to stay after the meeting and answer questions from the citizens.

Motion: AJ Svoboda moved to adjourn the meeting at 9pm.  Seconded by Bill Alcorn. Motion passed unanimously.

Jessica Gilbert, City Clerk
City of Ramona
Treasurer’s Report: May 14, 2012

General Account:
Beginning Balance             14,207.36
    State of Ks.-Retail tax    800.95
    Westar Franchise     144.89
    Atmos Franchise    123.88
    Peterson (Sr. Ct. rental    40.00
    Marion District Court (Rains fines)    200.00
    Edward Jones investments    20,085.07
        Investments 20,000
        Interest incomme $85.07
Total Income        21,394.79

Balance prior to expense            35,602.15

    Westar (shop, park, sr. ctr)    65.08
    Westar (street lights)    256.78
    Rural Water (park, sr. ctr)    44.92
    Clark Lumber (repairs)    99.97
    Atmos (sr. ctr)    48.15
    Dave Staatz (maintenance)    187.53
    Jess Gilbert (clerk)    286.71
    IRS Payroll tax    194.57
    Bill Alcorn (drinking fountain)    181.68
    Karstetter & Klenda (Rains case)    390.00

Total Expense        1,755.39        

Ending Balance as of May 2012            33,846.76

Investment Funds: ($5,000 in general fund while being moved to Tampa Bank CD)

Reserve Funds
Reserve Fund:  Park Improvement ($600 drinking fountain)    694.64
Reserve Fund: Siren    1,000.00
Reserve Fund: 4th of July    1416.43
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair    500.00

May 2012

Sewer  Fund:    
Beginning Balance        `    23,885.17
    Sewer Fees    954.96
    Brunner, J. 97.50
    Alcorn, B 15.00
    Staatz, D. 42.46
    Svoboda 67.50 + 52.50
    Gilbert, J. 10.00
    Ricketts/Goza 120.00
    Thornhill 10.00
    Thompson 10.00
    Bernhardt estate 60.00
    Weber Trust 30.00
    Bailey, N. 20.00
    Post office 60.00
    Noeth, B. 60.00
    Trinity Lutheran 60.00
    Stroda, Margaret 180.00
    Polston 60.00

    2011-2012     $954.96
Total Income        954.96

Balance Prior to Expense            24,840.13

    Westar Energy    55.70
    Dan Beisel    75.00

Total Expense        130.70
Balance for May 2012            24, 709.43

Investment Funds: ($20,000 in general fund while being moved to Tampa Bank CD)

Highway Fund:
Beginning Balance            9,098.31
    State of Kansas    1,166.98
Total Income        1,166.98
Balance Prior to Expense            10,265.29
Total Expense        -0-

Ending May 2012            10,265.29
Investment Funds: ($5,000 in general fund while being moved to Tampa Bank CD)