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This decade has just begun, and already notable things are happening.  Just imagine what this gallery will look like by 2020!

  • Rosebank Church Jay Plank bought the Rosebank Church building and set to work, with his son, Justin, to bring the building back to its former glory. (Jay’s father—Rev. Cecil Plank—was once pastor of the church.) Jay dreams of the building being used for celebrations and events.
  • Ramona Youth Council The Ramona Youth Council was an inspired idea from two men who grew up in Ramona—Brendan Bailey and Jayme Brunner. In March 2012, Mayor Bailey and City Councilman Brunner met with Ramona Youth and officers were elected. Pictured with Mayor Bailey (center) is the Youth Mayor, Terren Thompson (right), and the Youth Vice-mayor, Solomon Brunner, son of Jayme Brunner (left).
  • Water Fountain at the Park City Councilman Art Stroda, demonstrates that the new fountain at the park really works! This new addition to the City Park was made possible by a donation from Brent Kutzle, a member of the One Republic rock band, whose parents own a home in Ramona. (May 2012)
  • Flower Power Sheryl Beeman, member of the newly formed youth council, had an idea—“I want to plant some flowers in the park!” Others who heard her idea, offered help: like City Councilman Bill Alcorn who created the garden space, and even brought flowers for Sheryl to plant, and City Councilman Art Stroda who helps Sheryl keep the garden watered. (June 2012)
  • RamonaKs.com Ramona is on the web, at last! The site designed by Kevin Ireland of Prairie Fire Media Solutions, and created by Ramona City Clerk, Jessica Gilbert, was made possible by a donation from Marion County Economic Development, and a grant from Tri-County Telephone.