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City of Ramona
Council Minutes
June 11, 2012
Ramona City Hall

Presiding: Mayor Bailey

Council Present: AJ Svoboda, Art Stroda, Byron Noeth, Jayme Brunner

Staff present: Jessica Gilbert, Fern Leach

Others in attendance: None

The meeting was called to order by the mayor at 7:05pm.


Motion:  Art Stroda moved to approve the May 2012 minutes as read.  Byron Noeth seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion:  Byron Noeth moved to accept the treasurer’s report; motion seconded by Jayme Brunner, and passed unanimously.

Mayor’s Report
Mayor Bailey reported that Ronnie Carpenter was appointed Treasurer for the Ramona Youth Council.  The Youth Council has also opened a checking account at Tampa State Bank. Any checks written will require three signatures: the youth council mayor, the Ramona mayor and the youth vice mayor.  The mayor also said that the youth council may do a camp-out before school starts.  

Clerk’s Report
City’s official website: Jessica Gilbert reported that the website will be ready for the council’s review the last week of June and the site will go live on July 1. She relayed the suggestion of the City Attorney concerning pictures of kids and teens on the website, which is that if pictures are taken they are public events. If a parent objects to their child being seen on the website they can ask for the picture to be removed and the clerk will do it.

Telephone at the city hall: Gilbert reported that she got figures from Tri-County Telephone—the service she thought the Council should use since it would give the city a published phone number.  If the service is bundled—phone, long distance and internet—the costs would be approximately $85/month ($26 for phone, estimated $15 long distance and $45 for internet service).  Because there is no provision in the 2012 budget for this expense, Jessica suggested that she and her sister continue to provide this service at their office, until the end of this fiscal year. She also asked the council to consider how they would pay for this $1,000/year expense, especially if they did not wish to increase the mil levy, nor continue to dip into the cash reserves by another $1,000.  

Ord. 189 complaint against J. Emig submitted by Marvin Rains: Since Mr. Emig’s horses are not at his Ramona property at the time the complaint was submitted to the city, City Attorney Bina said it was not necessary to write Mr. Emig a letter since he was not in violation of any ordinance at this time.  

Building Sign: Jess said she had contracted Milton Fleming of Herington to paint a new sign for Ramona City Hall.  Cost would be around $40.

Tax exempt status of city land: Gilbert said she contacted the County Appraiser’s office to ensure that the city would be tax exempt for the building and land owned.  They explained that the city must apply to a state agency to get tax exemption and that the fee is typically around $400.  Furthermore, the city would need to file two requests since the land that city hall rests on is not contiguous with the land north of it, because there’s one lot that is owned by Margaret Stroda (a lot that extends west of the door on the garage, west side). The city would need to inquire whether Mrs. Stroda would want to sell this strip of land, in order to have one piece of property.

Council suggested just applying for exemption for the land that the building is on, and pay the nominal tax on the smaller piece of land.

AJ Svoboda confirmed that he would swath and bale the grass on the land owned by Agri-Producers, just north of the coop. However, the city will still need to bill Agri-Producers for this service, as usual.

The Council briefly discussed the work that would need to be done on city streets in order to resurface B Street by September.  Weeds must be killed and scraped away and then cracks filled by David, before resurfacing can take place.  No official action was taken.

Art said that he and Billy Alcorn will oversee the removal of the tree in the park that is unsafe.

Budget 2013
Clerk Gilbert reviewed the possible budget increases for 2013 which included increases in utilities by an additional $500, since the city will be taking on an entire year of expenses for the city hall, and additional phone charges, (approx $1,000) as discussed earlier in the meeting.

The council made no concrete changes to the budget figures, other than these two items.  

4th of July
Byron Noeth, chair for the 4th of July committee, asked council to take posters for the 4th of July and Ramona’s 125th birthday celebration.

Motion: Jayme Brunner moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:15pm. Seconded by AJ Svoboda. Passed unanimously.

Jessica Gilbert, City Clerk
City of Ramona
Treasurer’s Report: June 11, 2012

General Account:
Beginning Balance             33,846.76
    State of Ks.-Retail tax    871.51
    Westar Franchise     122.43
    Marvin Rains (court fees)    120.00
    Tri County Telephone (grant)    600.00*
    4th July donations    1,500.00
      Central National Bank $50
      Agri Producers $100
      Mikes Mower Service $100
      1st National of Hope $200
      Tatge Mfg. $125
      Tri-County Telephone $200
      Tampa State Bank $350
      First Choice Meats $100
      Carlson Grocery $50
      Rick Hanschu $100
      Clark Lumber $125
Total Income        3,213.94

Balance prior to expense            36,189.19

    4th: USD 487 (breakfast)    101.40
    Westar (park, shed, city bldg)    71.73
    Cardie Oil (fuel)    653.00
    Rural Water Dist. #1    41.26
    Westar (street lights)    257.19
    Atomos Energy    47.00
    Karstetter & Klenda    730.51
    Jones Electric    50.19
    Kevin Ireland (website design)    600.00*
    J. Gilbert (reimbursement)    209.88
      Postage 9.29
      Gen supplies 115.48 (Office Max)
      4th supplies 85.11 (Office Max)
    Clark Lumber (fountain)    131.97
    Mikes Mower Service (mower)    147.65
    J. Gilbert (50 hrs clerk)    306.64
    D. Staatz (27.5 hrs maint)    194.60
Total Expense        3,543.02
Investment: Ck 3923 Tampa Bank CDs        20,000.00

Ending Balance as of June 2012            13,646.17
Investment Funds    5,000.00

Reserve Funds
Reserve Fund:  Park Improvement    512.48
Reserve Fund: Siren    1,000.00
Reserve Fund: 4th of July    3513.67
Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair    500.00

June 2012

Sewer  Fund:    
Beginning Balance        `    24,709.43
    Sewer Fees    250.00
    Gilbert, J. 20.00
    Thornhill 10.00
    Thompson 10.00
    Bailey, N. 20.00
    Leach, F. $30.00
    Makovec $40.00
    California Sisters $120.00

    2011-2012     $250.00
Total Income        250.00
Balance Prior to Expense            24,959.43

    Westar Energy    55.80

Total Expense        55.80
Investment: Ck 3923 Tampa Bank CD        20,000.00

Balance for June 2012            4,903.63
Investment Funds:     30,000.00

Highway Fund:
Beginning Balance            10,265.29
    None    -0-
Total Income        -0-
Balance Prior to Expense            10,265.29
Total Expense        -0-

Ending June 2012            10,265.29
Investment Funds:    5,000.00