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City of Ramona

Council Minutes

July 9, 2012

Ramona City Hall


Presiding: Mayor Bailey


Council Present: AJ Svoboda, Art Stroda, Byron Noeth, Jayme Brunner


Staff present: Jessica Gilbert, Fern Leach


Others in attendance: Commissioner Dan Holub


The meeting was called to order by the mayor at 7:10pm.




Motion:  Byron Noeth moved to approve the June 2012 minutes as read.  Art Stroda seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Motion:  Art Stroda moved to accept the treasurer’s report; motion seconded by Byron Noeth, and passed unanimously.


Youth Council

Mayor Bailey reported that the Ramona Youth Council made $120 from the 4th of July. He asked the Council’s advice on the Youth Council’s approach to tracking funds. The City Council agreed that the Youth Council should have their funds under the City’s umbrella, and held in a Reserve Fund for their use. The City Clerk said she would call Tampa Bank and inform them that funds would be deposited occasionally by the youth. She will also get deposit slips and envelopes for the youth treasurer.



The project at the top of the list is spraying weeds on the asphalt streets, scraping the weeds after they die, and inserting tar into the cracks.  This process must be complete before streets can be chipped and sealed.  Commissioner Holub interjected that Marion County could come and do the work if the city paid for materials. He said that the quality of gravel the County now uses, is much better than the past. He said the City should contact Randy Crawford, Road & Bridge Supervisor, when we are ready to do this project.


Commissioner Holub gave the Council an update on resurfacing of Marion County roads. He said the Tampa road would be finished in July.  The Quail Creek Road would be done in 2013.


Refinancing Ramona Debt

Byron Noeth raised the issue of whether it would be prudent to refinance Ramona’s indebtedness, which is around $84,000.  Clerk Gilbert said she would inquire about the process and report back to the vice mayor.


Motion: Jayme Brunner moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:40pm. Seconded by AJ Svoboda. Passed unanimously.





Jessica Gilbert, City Clerk


City of Ramona

Treasurer’s Report: August 13, 2012



General Account:

Beginning Balance                                                                                        1142.97


            Marion County Ad Valorem               6101.46

            Atmos Franchise                              46.43

            State of Ks.-Retail tax                    776.29

            Westar Franchise                           132.87

            4th July                                        1144.77

                Redneck Run 1044.77

                      Prize money returnedf $100

            Youth Council                                235.32

            Ck 3882 not cashed                         25.00


Total Income                                                                       8462.14


Balance prior to expense                                                                              9605.11



            Westar (Street lights)                     257.23

            Westar (park, shop, city)               102.64

            US Post Office (stamps)                   45.00

            4th: Baker Bros (posters)               127.20

            Westar (park, shop, city)               110.00

            Atmos (city)                                    50.00

            Rural Water                                     49.60

            Swindoll Janzen (budget)                 800.00

            Hoch Pub (budget pub)                   149.00

            Clark lumber                                    17.55

            4th: Western Graphics (shirts)       616.50

            Calif Sisters (phone, 4 mo)               61.78

            Allied Insurance (notary bond)       100.00

            Westar (street lights)                     252.40

            J. Gilbert (clerk)                             222.31

            J. Gilbert (mileage)                           13.44

            D. Staatz (mowing)                          70.77

Total Expense                                                                      3045.42


Balance as of August 2012                                                                              6559.69


Investment Funds                                                                                        5,000.00





Reserve Funds

Reserve Fund:  Park Improvement                                                                                                             512.48

Reserve Fund: Siren                                                                                                                                   1,000.00

Reserve Fund: 4th of July                                                                                                                          1407.85

Reserve Fund: Memorial Bench repair                                                                                                     500.00

Reserve Fund: Youth Council                                                                                                                   235.32

August 2012



Sewer  Fund:                                            

Beginning Balance                                                                     `                 4684.03


            Marion Co. Advalorem                      3201.25


            Sewer Fees                                      $300.00

            Gilbert, J. 20.00

            Thompson 10.00

            Leach, F. $10.00

            Staatz, D $140

            California Sisters $120.00


            2011-2012     $160.00

                  2010-2011     $140.00


Total Income                                                                       3501.25

Balance Prior to Expense                                                                                8185.28



            Westar Energy                                     55.80


Total Expense                                                                         55.80

Investment: Ck 3923 Tampa Bank CD                                  20,000.00


Balance for June 2012                                                                                   4,903.63

Investment Funds:                                                                                      30,000.00






Highway Fund:

Beginning Balance                                                                                      10,265.29


            State of Kansas                                 1205.68

Total Income                                                                       1205.68

Balance Prior to Expense                                                                              11470.97



Total Expense                                                                          -0-


Ending August 2012                                                                                    11470.97


Investment Funds:                                                                                       5,000.00