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The Easter Egg Hunt on March 30 was a stellar success, thanks to event coordinator, Rachel Mealor, and the many businesses and individuals that contributed to the annual Easter celebration, sponsored by the City of Ramona.

Punch and cupcakes kept everyone energized for the games—from tug-o-war to leg races. (In the “good ‘ole days” it was called sack races, but these days you don’t need a sack, just a sturdy rope to tie the competitors’ legs together.)

The Easter Bunny, with help from the Ramona Youth Council, hid over 800 plastic eggs in the City Park, for kids from toddlers to 12 year-olds. Older siblings often helped the toddlers learn the fine art of egg hunting, because they haven’t yet learned the concept that “more is better”—finding just one egg could “derail the hunt” as toddlers were mesmerized with a brightly colored egg and its sugary contents.

In between the egg hunt, games,  and drawings for prizes, the kids got their faces painted by artist Jennifer Hathaway. Bunnies were in great demand, but there were also requests for lions, tigers, butterflies, and even super heroes.

Celebrating summerOn May 26, Ramona kids celebrated that school was out with a basketball game, barbecue and dance in the park. Pictured with the kids are Mayor Brendan Bailey and City Councilman Jayme Brunner who both grew up in Ramona. Bailey & Brunner developed the concept of the Ramona Youth Council and provide guidance for the group. Left to right (back row) Cassy Thompson, Councilman Brunner, Troy Jones, Christy Lang, Mayor Bailey. In front: Blake Bell, Abby and Annie Mercer, Raziel Bell. 

drinking fountainThanks to Councilman Art Stroda for installing the new drinking fountain at the City Park.  

This improvement was made possible by Brent Kutzle, (far left in picture) member of the One Republic band, who has connections to Ramona.  

How? He is the son of Mike and Nancy Kutzle of California, who own a home in Ramona, and care very much about the town!  When they heard from the Postmaster and the City Clerk that a drinking fountain was needed, the Kutzles asked their son to help.  Brent sent $600!

One Republic

Sheryl BeemanSheryl Beeman wanted to see flowers in the city park. City Councilman Bill Alcorn, one of the sponsors for the newly formed Ramona Youth Council, created a garden area north of the park bathrooms, and he and his wife, Rohani, bought some plants so Sheryl could start the garden.  "I've been gardening since I was four years old," Sheryl told Pat Wick, who helped Sheryl with the planting, and brought some additional plants to embelish the garden. Councilman Art Stroda is helping by making sure the flowers have plenty of water.  The garden is a lovely improvement to the City Park.